Profile Basic
Basic awards involving profile statistics and information.
Icon Name / Description
Postaholic Postaholic
1000 posts have been made and we're feeling ascended. Make room up there.
Hard Posting Hard Posting
500 posts have been made and we're feeling seasoned.
Just Beginning Just Beginning
100 posts have been made and we're feeling spectacular.
Threadtastic Threadtastic
Back in my day, 10 threads meant the cream of the crop; now it's 100.
Referrer Referrer
Two's a company, three's a crowd...
Clean Living Clean Living
6 months and not a scratch on me.
Covering All Bases Covering All Bases
Not an empty spot on this profile.

Sub-Rank Awards
Awards that are sort of like ranks, but not really.
Icon Name / Description
Writer Writer
An aficionado of the literary craft.
Graphics Master Graphics Master
Art comes in many a medium.
Gamer Gamer
Games really are dis-...trac-...ti-......
Member Of The Month Member Of The Month
The best of the best, this member has won a MOTM competition.
Developer Developer
Hello, world!
Clan Owner Clan Owner
To follow is one thing, to lead is another.
Youtuber Youtuber
Create a video advertising OS-Scape.

Miscellaneous Awards
The miscellaneous awards of OS-Scape.
Icon Name / Description
Anime Anime
"S-Senpai... my hips are moving on their o-own!"
Judge, Jury, and Executioner Judge, Jury, and Executioner
This member will do whatever it takes to keep the community as pleasant a place as possible.
#Selfie #Selfie
Feeling a bit handsome? Show a picture of yourself with your username included on a note.
Drunk Drunk
H-here, hold my beer.
Please, May I Have An Award? Please, May I Have An Award?
Eva's hand is gracious and giving.
High Roller High Roller
Perhaps not the 1% out there, but that's not what matters.
I've Walked The Thin Line I've Walked The Thin Line
Punished once and back for more.
Musicphile Musicphile
"I like to think that if music never existed, I'd have invented it."
The Dead Never Rest The Dead Never Rest
Post, post, pooosssstttt-...

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