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  2. IGN: mybroskeeper Team/Clan: Anteeks Previous tourny? No Discord: ganja#3917
  3. Last Day of OSS

    Bye. You definitely deserved your staff position as well others who were demoted. Sad to see that the OSS ownership fell into the wrong hands. Take care, buddy <3
  4. Last Day of OSS

    Lum and Space should've been demoted not you. lum literally a clueless fucktard who loses his bank FPing then pms you saying "do you know how lucky you are" "I should've won" "I would be up 3m right now" for up to 10 hours lmfao what kind of disabled cunt staff member does this? LOL ty sold that for over 150m 07 retard. He also helped "Cow-Milker" mm RWTs to RB BTW Mr Nh Owns known RWTer. Space is a disabled motherfucker irl LOL sold over 300m under ur noses only reason you found out was bc Cold snitched to you that he bought from me bc I cleaned him yet again. And the only reason you banned MysticBrid and Wey is because of me so don't act like you can find RWTers because I know every major RWTer on this server you will never find. This fucktard doesn't deserve any brownie points he can't catch RWTers for shit, only ones he bans are from people snitching on the Seller's.
  5. No motivation. - Cold

    Sad too see that you're leaving man,wish you best of luck.
  6. No motivation. - Cold

    This retard bought over 50m from me and then snitched. Finally got himself banned because he couldn't take the stress anymore LOOOL
  7. crabby-cunts quality LOOOOL

    after 10 hours of nsing. this is what he resorts to smh. ez tbh
  8. Unusual money making.

    Good made guide, hope it can help players out making money!
  9. Unusual money making.

    for new players it's decent
  10. No motivation. - Cold

    You'll be back.

    stupid retard #HG
  12. Economy Changes [POLL]

    They should be adding the Ale of the gods to this list @Airo
  13. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    ::bank refund plz
  14. Pvp suggestion

    Hey I played a server long time ago, and it was the #1 server at the time. My suggestion to make pvp more active is have a heat map on the main screen on the forums. What a heat map is is an entire map of the wilderness and it will shows circles where people are. The more people there is the bigger the darker the circle is, less is like a fade colour. Will be more fun for pkers
  15. Yes! At least it got your attention so my job is done!
  16. Last week
  17. Couple hours of hybridding

    some very nice kills
  18. Couple hours of hybridding

    just a few clips like if you enjoyed
  19. Jason went staking I guess

  20. Jason went staking I guess


    11 brews 3 restores at easts lemao
  22. #GOONS

    hello i my account 2 and name no hacking anme welcome back my all items and account reback account @
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