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  2. Retirement - new single team! apply now

    1. Whats Your IGN?: Simens 2. What Timezone are you? Utc+00:00 3. Previous clans?:tumour pk , riet , 4. Do you have Discord, if not are you able to download it? i have it already downloaded. 5. Why do you want to join?because i want to join a single team and pk
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  4. new single team opening october 1st. apply now! 1. Whats Your IGN? 2. What Timezone are you? 3. Previous clans? 4. Do you have Discord, if not are you able to download it? 5. Why do you want to join?
  5. downloading fail

    Already solved.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Staff Loc

    true, you dieing for a ely makes you a downie!
  8. downloading fail

    Have you tried to delete and then redownload ur cache and everything attached to it?
  9. OSS Hybridding 6

    Beautiful video as always!

    ::thread #### been broken for like 5months+ now, its meant to re-direct you to the thread if you type it in-game but rn its fukt
  11. Staff Loc

    Red! The legend himself, haven't talked to you in a while but it's good to know about the situation and under the circumstances. Thanks for the notice man.
  12. No, make it so there is only 1 so people have to fight over it in the wilderness l, more fun. The location in the picture seems fine Imo
  13. good updates fix duel pls i got scammed for 6m btw check it if u can @Simplemind nd make sure theres more ancient wyverns and make them in a dungeon with multiple wyverns with lots of diff rooms
  14. Staff Loc

    You hating me for no reason doesn't make me a downie.
  15. bait title didnt catch on

    thanks for the feedback nice guys
  17. Staff Loc

    Stfu u fucking rat dont post on my forums
  18. snapchat please add me

    I be laughing when i hit your ass offline for some few days retard
  19. First vid on OSS

  20. downloading fail

    everytime i try to start up os scape it wont open. its really annoying and maybe one of you could help me, i'd really appreciate that.
  21. First time hybridding

    First time in my ass
  22. Staff Loc

    We recently had a lot of staff members that were removed due to a lot of different reasons. We will definitely work on getting more staff members once everything settles. Thank you for your feedback.
  23. Staff Loc

    nah nobodys ever online, all i see i fucking ip's being spammed in yell... and flame wars. this shits got out of hand, fix this shit please.
  24. Staff Loc

    It would be beneficial to the server if we have more active staff in-game in all Time zones. And you're probably online while I'm at work considering the Time zone difference, but glad to see you're also active!
  25. Staff Loc

    Hey! Good thing you mentioned that Stone! Hopefully we'll have more active staff in-game within a short period! I haven't been able to be online for that long each day since I work night shifts (GMT+1) I'm usually online 7-10 AM & then a while before work at 11 PM.
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