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    Despite not having that many entries I felt the players still deserved some results. PM me on forums to claim your prizes. First winner of 2m is Erec X D! 2nd winner of 1m is Gyl! 3rd winner of 750k is Nintendo64!
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    Welcome to money making/rebuilding guide. Gear and inventory setup.Keep in mind that best too have good mage defence tank gear. Leave 5-6 inventory spaces for loot. Quickest way to get to rogues chests. When you write ::52s you will be teleported here.When just run south west and you ready. Once you are here start thieving.Make sure right click chest and click "Search for traps" .When you will be thieving fastest way and taking no damage.Entire think why you thieving,because you can get anglerfishes from chests.Also you do get bloods,dark crabs and super combat pots.Whitch makes rogues chests 30k-50k bm per hour. Helpful tips and methods to make more bm per hour : 1)Make sure you go to options and set your "Player attack options" and "Npc attack options" Hidden.This way you wont skull and wont be attacking bandits.Whitch will be a lot easier to thieve. 2)Bank often each 5-15mins. 3)You can thieve with few people.Just thieve same time. 4)Change your combat if you geting killed over and over. 5)If you want more profit leave anglerfish for bigger price. 6)Dont afk. 7)Join in clan. This is what you should expect from 1hour of rogues chests.Dont forget what you can get more or less anglerfishes when me.Its based on luck. Thanks for watching guide! I hope my guide helped make cash!
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    Hi everyone, Make sure you have an empty inventory, or enough space in your inventory before you decide to stake for a bunch of items. This is because of a current bug that makes the items you win disappear if your inventory does not have enough space after winning. It should be fixed in the next update. Have fun!
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    Reign of terror Is a old pk community Of rsps we desided to switch rsps to Os-scape becouse its more active we are are a group of friends who just wanted to open a team and destory all those clans who think they are good We want to be able to build a good community with active Clanchat where people can feel free to come a chill out and enjoy there time playing Os-scape. We will be doing pk events in wildy and Fights in singles wars and Big Clan vs clan wars and Wilderness Bosses events regularly to keep things fresh. Our goal is to enjoy the game for what it truly is and Fuck up new clans while doing it. Staff Members Leader's -Rot Owner- -Rot Key- Pk Leader -Rot Owner- -Rot Key- High Council open Council -open- Officer -Dukenukem- -hardtoget- -Doddsy- -Bag Of Kush- Events well update latter Rank Jobs Officer - well update latter Council - well update latter. High Council - well update latter. Reign of terror Rules NO Clan Hopping NO bs. NO Flameing! Listen to Clan if they need help & try be on Pk trips. you well need be tested to make sure we know you know what you are doing. you need discord Clan Chat Once you contact Rot 0wner or our high ranks and get accpeted you well be able to enter the Clan chat [WE ARE ROT] Give me +Reputation if you like This Clan or like the Clan recruitment to Help Support Our Coummilty to make us Bigger!
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    #Coonboys was founded June 30th, 2017. We will be focusing on multi wilderness, led by experienced leaders from major Runescape/RSPS Clans such as Kill Orgy, Infliction, Valhalla, CKI, and Final Ownage Elite. We are looking to add a few more savages to our family of raccoons as time goes on, but currently our applications are invite only until further notice. If you're interested in obtaining an invite pm this account to start your adventure in becoming a #Coonboy. .:Leadership:. Mike Marko Tribby .:General Requirements:. Teamspeak 3 (Microphone not mandatory but you will have a hard time being accepted without one) General knowledge of pking(including tanking, locations, and returning) Some sort of notable clan history Decent sized bank with an organized return tab Feel free to idle in "Coonboys" Clan chat to get to know some of our members! Also feel free to pm a general in the clan chat or pm this account to set up runs in, in both the wilderness and CWA
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    Can't login on the server because it says I have Auth on when I've tried setting one up/disabling it and it doesn't work.
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    ayy 3rd place i'll take that! grats to #1 and #2!
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    Really nice guide, looks like it's worth doing more than battle mages.
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    Nice guide Matt! I Like the simplicity of it.
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    WOooOoo WoooOoo OOo WooOo BOOM BOOM BOOM!