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    Right click your desktop, then click 'display settings' https://gyazo.com/52638cbdf67e8ef72da69d4df05fefbd under 'Scale and layout' and "Change the size of text, apps, and other items, click 100%, and log out of your computer, then log back in, and change that to 175%. https://gyazo.com/48e595659f7a5313f7f14488308fe31f https://gyazo.com/41d73e032dae2926f3c8e71fc21c1efd Now start up your OS-Scape client, and enjoy your new game size.
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    I've removed your authenticator, please re-add it as soon as possible.
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    Main Hybrid Tournament: 18-08-2017 | Tournament completed OFFICIAL BRACKET RESULTS: http://challonge.com/gakulgk5/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Hybrid Tournament: 18-08-2017 | Tournament COMPLETED! 1st: God (1m BM) 2nd: Scumbag (500k bm + 2 ags's) 3rd: naattiioonn (300k bm) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to Tard, Nussinpinpi and Wonton Soup. Tard for helping with organization. As well as Nussinpinpi helping with organization and funding 300k. Wonton Soup for funding 2 ags's! Thank you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: -NO TOXIC TRIDENT - NO ELDER MAUL - NO KODAI WAND -NO RANGE NO RANGE NO RANGE - First look at the gear layout example (Your inventory and equipment should look similar) - NO DH AXE -2 BREW CAP - NO OVERHEADS - ONLY SMITE! - No Toxic staff of the dead AND staff of the dead! NONE OF THEM! - NO AGS -NO SERP! - NO Arcane/Elysian/Spectral shields - NO Dragon claws - You can have Prim/Eternal boots - Any amulet - Any Rings - Any Gloves - Any CAPES PS: If you try breaking any of these rules then you will be automatically disqualified. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gear layout example: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prizes: 1st place: 1,000,000 BLOOD MONEY! 2nd place: 500,000 BLOOD MONEY and 2 armadyl godswords! 3rd: place: 300,000 BLOOD MONEY! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post below with your USERNAME to get into the tournament! Hosted by: Joe and Nussinpinpi Players in the tournament: B U R T O N firat123 gangshit gs9 exp swift OPPOSITION god TRAVEL k 0 ownagepk34 assasinate kittylover68 slime6six6 jarla autoclicker naattiioonn Scumbag Hulk Lostsinner20 Yes Eoc Is Gay IMI Oxseraid Sales Tax Biljetti impact XII ALPHAasFuak Nher at nite FSMoe RENEGADEXD xpertzgaming deltaseals VER-SACE Root FARAO Parra DOGLOVER92 hui lai lee snoozen RED BOTTOMS LiL g saint X-7 Wonton Soup 1177 TIMMYTURNER IDK THIS DON Smitedbro TheTrueAlpha multi pker cow joggers MCLOVIN
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    ign: impact XII goodluck to everyone participating 😉
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    remember you yelling yesterday " this server actually went to shit " but you still wanna play on it? :0 Anyways should be able to be available for this one joe! Im in ALPHAasFuak
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    ing: naattiioonn and my friend called "Scumbag" hes forums pw dosnt work
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    ign: k 0 friend ign: ownagepk34 (he cant use forums)
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    mark my words server at 50 players active by September. this is what happens when u care about money and not the game
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