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  1. @xMeth only reason we're not using the same amount of supplies as last time is because it'd take way too long. Also gotta remember that you'll be killing other participants and getting their supplies. [Last tournament the winning team had well over 40 brews & 200 sharks in total left]
  2. MINI VID 3 - AH 64 APACHE

    the song..
  3. Information: There will be 32 participants in total divided into 2 'Fights' - 16 players will be released into an Edgeville Bank Instance where they'll fight to the death. The survivors from both 'Fights' will then fight to the death to decide the winner of the tournament. Rules -No Supplies sharing. [Trading other players supplies] -No Avoiding Fights [Running somewhere far so other players don't see you / Attack you] *Note; Any attempt to 'cheat the system' by trying to spawn food, change stats, etc.. will result in an immediate disqualification Gear & Supplies *You're only allowed to use the following gear & supplies. Stats Reward Winner - Elysian Spirit Shield How to participate Apply using the format below. What's your in-game username? What's clan/team are you in? Were you in the previous DMM tournament? What's your discord tag? [Example of a discord tag, Name#0000] If you have any questions feel free to pm me, but. Do not PM me asking me to join the tournament. [THIS IS NOT RESTRICTED TO CLANS]
  4. Undefeated hybrid video 2

    Nice vid
  5. edgepvp 1