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  1. Doubler Says Goodbye

    Within 2 days ur name in ts will be "poke If pking"
  2. UFC

    neck it retard
  3. Feel bad for you Steroids...

  4. Skotizo

    been on this server for so long never seen one drop
  5. HURR HURR (FARAO) asked for proof

    oh no...
  6. Reckless Multi Clan

    3rd or 4th time were gna close y'all....if you decide to come out..?

    have all of these pm me in game for info
  8. staking glitch?

    yes he had won 5m from me was just ping you in game. know the staff team have a pre conceited image of me or thoughts but i would not lie about something like this. if i had access to a glitch like this , which is what ur trying to accuse me of why the fuck or how would i lose a 5m stake if iced make ppl not even attack back its legit dumb if u choose not to refund thats fine but hope the guy doing it will get banned.
  9. staking glitch?

    I'm always in "os staking" fc as was recently fping 'hall'was miming for me
  10. staking glitch?

    had done a like 5m stake on my account "rat" . was up about 40hp vs "slimesix6six" then it stopped me from attacking and would not allow me to attack. had gotten a message about "melee in a war" or something like that and i could not attack back. thought had misclicked or something but something similar happened to a friend of mine. this guy is in a team of scummy ddosers. if something fishy is going on would like to be refunded.
  11. Staff team vs RA (5V5 1M POT)

    gg sadly wasn't there looking forward to a rematch though
  12. prayer

    xfer prayer from "rat" to "chuck da don" augury
  13. fp tournament ; 'rat'
  14. The Future Of OS-Scape

    updates, advertising n content this game just gets boring lol games dying mad respect for acknowledging it and addressing it. hope it helps
  15. DSPEAR

    d spear is currently bugged, where if you do melee damage upon the person being speared ,it'll appear instantly and will therefore kill them before all the damage stacks/spears stack and kill them. this makes it ridiculous while over spearing and way too easy. +1s should be a risk in multi, and spears are in the game for that reason. ancient mace is coming into the game too which means smiting +1s in multi is allowed and encouraged with a weapon primarily used for this being added to the game. please address this issue, thx.