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  1. Congratulations to Crayons on winning the award for the best kill in the DMM tournament! Video:
  2. Congratulations to #Gundrilla on winning the first DMM tournament! With no deaths & More than 6 kills in total, They've proven their dominance. Well played. Team members: Cat [DMM 4] Loco [DMM 3] Crayons [DMM 2] Slowpoke [DMM 1] (Open spoiler below for full list of participants) Video: Special thanks to @Badder & @Ah-64 Apache For helping out with the tournament and #Gundrilla, #Foreign-Forces, #Aryan, #Bape & #Solidtag for participating! *Best kill will be announced tomorrow.
  3. Edge PKing

  4. Autoclicker hybriding

    shit vid
  5. diabled no clue why

    As i said on your previous appeals. You were banned for RWT. If you'd like to be unbanned, Feel free to appeal it in the correct section using this format.
  6. Could not load loader configuration

    Dealt with.
  7. account security issue

    if you're using the google authenticator app, Following these steps might fix your codes. Go to the main menu on the Google Authenticator app. Click "Settings" Click "Time correction for codes" Click "Sync now"
  8. My account - Kill

    Time is 1 year of inactivity & the account must be clean [no items on it]. Hope this answers your question. Closed & Moved.
  9. client issues

    You should try deleting the Cache & Re-downloading the client by clicking Here. If you don't know how to delete the Cache, Feel free to DM me.
  10. Donation trouble.

    Dealt with.
  11. Dafaq Happend ^^

    W3/W1 have shut down. For more information, Read the following posts: Also, We do not transfer things anymore as the worlds have already closed. Closing this but if you have any questions feel free to DM me.
  12. client wont

    Download teamviewer & pm me your details and i'll help you mate.
  13. Runecrafting Pet on World 2

    You can kill a few npcs for pure essence then go through the abyss [in wildy] and craft a rune while having the pet follow you in-order to change it's colour.
  14. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    Fully support everything on this list.