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  1. pure pking....

    Failing to see any issues here.
  2. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    Our biggest BM sink for now will be banning rwters.
  3. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    Banning rwters
  4. Brooke/Sit

  5. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    There's going to be a topic either today or tomorrow regarding refunds. We just had to restore the forums and fix a bug with users not being able to sign in.
  6. Can't ::Claim my items?

    Glad to hear. Moved
  7. Account lagged

    Message any staff ingame and ask them to send you home to fix this. After they've done so simply relog.
  8. infernal cape drop party

    thats my boy
  9. Veng was mad the same location as 07 Buy 10 instead of buy 100 is a glitch and is fixed next update
  10. Suggestion

    Since last update hunting chins is the same if not better than battlemages.
  11. Password Reset

    I've messaged you your new password
  12. Is he Okay?

    I've gone ahead and muted the user for these comments.
  13. World 2 Suggestions

    Pretty beast suggestions, support all except for moving skotizo out of wilderness.
  14. auth remove

  15. auth remove

    Can you make a new account and post the name below so I can verify you own the account?
  16. ironman status

  17. Ironman status

  18. Auth remove

  19. Auth remove

    Could you make a new account and post the name below so I can confirm you are the account owner?