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  1. What's To Come

    I'd first like to apologize for my lack of interaction with the community since the reset. I've had a lot of unavoidable IRL situations to deal with which led to a few players not getting any response from me. If you still need help, whether it be with donations or any other issue then send me another message. As for any other concerns you guys may have, hopefully I'll answer them in this topic. Introduction I'll be using this post to explain to you guys our thoughts on the reset and what's to come for OS-Scape over the foreseeable future. Firstly, I've seen a few players complain about the current state of the economy and it's in a much better position than it was. It's not perfect and there are still some things we will change, but this leaves us a lot more room to bring fun and new content to you guys. This leads us on to the next question, what's to come? Game Updates In the next update, it's likely we'll be bringing various bug fixes, the reintroduction of risk protection and wilderness skilling. This should be coming any day now, there are a few more things we have to test and change before we fully release it. Wilderness skilling is not something players are required to do, but it's likely to be the best money making method in game. Players who achieve 99 in these skills will be able to wear the max cape. As for after this update, we'll be pushing towards more client sided updates. We want to bring players an option to change the position of their prayers and be able to have the hitpoints layout as seen on most of the popular Runescape clients. We'll also be looking in to bringing an automated tournament system with rewards. If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see then please post here. Forums/Store Over the next month, I'll be working on bringing the forums to a respectable level. There are currently way too many bugs which make the forum frustrating to use. I'm also not a big advocate of our current theme, so if enough people want to see a new theme - I'll work on designing one. We'll also be adding userbars, topic icons and something called loyalty points. Some of you may have noticed, as the counter is above your name on the top left when you're logged in to the forums. These points will increase depending on your forum activity. These points can be spent in game on rare items which can only be obtained via loyalty points. We will also be changing items within the store. We want it to directly reflect the economy so certain prices will be changed. If you guys have any suggestions for items that could be added to the store then post here. Events Starting next month, we'll be hosting monthly events. Currently, I have 3 events planned all around PvP. We'll be introducing the Clan Cup, this will be a tournament based system where clans can compete against each other. This will cater for both the single and multi community. I'll release the forums section when we officially announce this, players can then register their clan and compete against others to win the Clan Cup. I'm not certain on the prizes yet, but it's likely to be large amounts of blood money and possibly an 07 reward. Space has been running a DMM event which gained a surprising amount of attention. We decided that it would be best for us to officially run this once a month. We'll release more information on this when the event is officially announced. It's likely the prize will consist of blood money and a DMM symbol ingame. If there are any other events you'd like to see then please suggest them. Economy World This has taken way longer than we initially planned. We wanted to get world 2 in to a stable position, this would allow us to devote more time towards the upcoming economy world. This world will still be coming. After we finish the updates mentioned previously, we'll be actively working towards bringing an economy world back to OS-Scape. I'll post more updates on this as we work on it. Server Crashes After the reset we switched to a new host which drastically decreased the lag. Unfortunately, the server has been crashing a lot and we're currently unsure why. We've added a system which will automatically save character files periodically, which means rollbacks (if they occur) are only a matter of minutes. We can only apologize for this and we'll work on finding a fix. Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone for constantly supporting OS-Scape especially after everything that's happened. We will continue to strive towards being the best RSPS. All the best, The OS-Scape team.
  2. Regarding Donation Refunds

    I've replied to everyone who messaged me, sorry for taking so much time. I've been dealing with some things. I'll be closing the topic, feel free to message me.
  3. Hey guys, Unfortunately the credit system is taking a lot longer than we anticipated. I appreciate that a lot of you have messaged me, if you could please send me a message on the forums with the amount you donated and/or the items you donated for. This only applies for players who donated within 1 month prior to the reset. All the best, The OS-Scape team.

    Where did you message me man? Send me a message on the forums, both of you. @Shaysh @Oxymorphone
  5. Appeal (Format)

    If you're appealing you must use this format: Username: What world do you play on?: What is the reason of your punishment?: Have you been punished on OS-S before?: Why should this action be reversed?: Additional Information:
  6. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    This is just a small staff update this time. It's likely all future staff updates will be of similar size. Promotions: Aveeno has been promoted to Helper. Baws has been promoted to Helper. Name Changes: Wanted X has changed his name to Space. IronWintery has changed his name to Wintery. All the best, The OS-Scape team.
  7. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    This staff update has probably been our biggest yet. After what happened, we felt like the staff team was way too big and we had too many people who I didn't personally trust. For now we'll be keeping the staff team relatively small and the only promotions this time are personal friends. Promotions: Lidocaine has been promoted to Helper. Cheriberry has been promoted to Helper. Demotions: Belt has been demoted from Helper. Crowbox has been demoted from Helper. Genj has been demoted from Helper. Joe has been demoted from Helper. Mavis has been demoted from Helper. Missashley has been demoted from Helper. Orgins has been demoted from Helper. Chris has been demoted from Moderator. Diazepam has been demoted from Moderator. Gabi has been demoted from Moderator. I Am One has been demoted from Moderator. Iron Blue has been demoted from Moderator. Breakcraft has been demoted from Senior Moderator. Jason has been demoted from Administrator. Bart has resigned from Server Owner. All the best, The OS-Scape team.
  8. It's still a while away. We're working towards getting the bigger content out of the way, that way the economy world will have them on release. We'll release more information on world 1 later on.
  9. Hello Os-Scape Community! This has definitely been a long time coming. This update consists of some long awaited bug fixes and some nice content additions! If you don't see an update being included in this list that you've been waiting on then please be sure to report it in the appropriate section and tag my name in it. The current updates are as follows: Inferno (Mor-Ul-Rek Expansion) The city of Mor-Ul-Rek is now accessible. You must have a fire cape to show to gain entry to the city. You DO NOT sacrifice it at this stage. This city contains new skilling locations and grants users access to The Inferno. Obsidian Equipment is now accessible. This set of equipment can only be purchased within the inner city of Mor-Ul-Rek with Tokkul. The Inferno minigame is now accessible. You MUST sacrifice a fire cape to gain access to this minigame by speaking to TzHaar-Ket-Keh. You only need to give up one fire cape not one per attempt. You can roll for a Jal-Nib pet by sacrificing an Infernal cape. You get one pet roll per cape and WILL LOSE YOUR CAPE upon a failed roll. Your best time upon completion will be recorded to your account. We are currently working on a way to display top 10 run times. You can combine your Infernal cape with your max cape to produce the Infernal Max Cape. Game Changes The client has been updated to with several luxuries that players may deem as useful. The world map icon & functionality has been added to the minimap. You can open up a regular or fullscreen rendition of the world map. The login screen has been updated to match the theme of our current update. Dragonfire shield special is now operable. Can store up to 50 charges. There is a 2 minute cool down between special attack uses. You can check your current charge count by examining the shield. [W2] Black chins will now reward, on average, more blood money per catch. [W2] Players will start on wave 67 on The Inferno whilst being in the pvp world. Bug Fixes A bug with being able to activate augury, rigoury or preserve without the defence requirement has been fixed. A bug with being able to activate quick prayers with no prayer points has been fixed. A bug with abusing untradables in the protection value system has been fixed. This means spawnable items will no longer contribute to the protection value of the player. A bug with being able to drop untradables in the wilderness and it appearing for everyone has been fixed. A bug with duel arena staking has been fixed. Sincerely, Mack & Os-Scape Dev Team
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