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  1. Suggestions for World 2

    @I Am One sorry about that I dupe posted because i realized it was in the wrong spot =[ 1. Wilderness Agility Training = Double Exp , Blood Money, Anglerfish rewards....
  2. Suggestions for World 2

  3. Suggestions for World 2

  4. Custom Item?

    Hey guys so ive donated around $300 now... I heard its possible to request a custom item once you donate $250 is this true?
  5. Suggestions for World 2

    Ok guys now that all the worlds are merging and the staff is back in action bringing updates I wanted to recommend a few things.. D claws - Accuracy boost Wilderness Activity - Add more Angler Fishing Spots , "Wilderness Skilling" Remove ::Master ability to add 99 to all skills... Pkers would still be able to PK but bring the Skilling players loved from W3 into the game... This skilling could provide blood money instead of the actual resources. Or resources that are worth Blood money. All Skilling that takes place in Wildy gets a big bonus in blood money rewards... Make main spot wilderness monsters drop rare drops , and blood money or add a NPC that can convert lets say D bones to BM. This will add players going to Easts and Wests and then boost Wildy pking. Nerf Spec Restore to disable d spearing... A clan shouldnt be able to d spear you restore spec d spear you... Comp cape will now be worth getting.... Because you would need 99s.... Slayer - Monsters would drop the weapons that can also be found in shops but also drop BM etc.. Add wildy slayer spots of like Abby demons other monsters worth killing etc... I think with these updates you will bring alot more people to the server and kind of build a more economy based pking server with still easy to start pking while providing other players and pkers with a good mix of content and money making spots.

    For the love of god ... Since we are moving in the right direction why dont we finally nerf dclaws to be an actual ingame weapon to be feared? A donor item that is $40 USD which is a used copy of Call of Duty or a nice dinner out instead gives you a read pixel that can't hit above a 25 on mystics.... Really yesterday after hours of use it was just straight disappointment... Im not saying make them OP but atleast make them worth using.
  7. Do any of the staff realize how much jeopardy OS-Scape is in? Ive donated alot to this server and have ran successful RSPS myself..... This lack of updates / content / even marketing through video makers is just shocking..... If current owners do not care just hire some developers and pay them to create content.... This is one of the last great RSPS but we are losing players to shit servers it sucks.