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  1. What's your in-game username?:Dragunov What's clan/team are you in?Ex/Tata Were you in the previous DMM tournament?No What's your discord tag?Dragunov#9557
  2. Very nice man -Dragunov
  3. Regarding Updates

    Thanks for telling us , Simplemind be safe brother. - Dragunov
  4. PvP Suggestions

    Hey guys, I've got a few suggestions let me know what you think in the comment section.If you have a suggestion feel free to post it in the comment section or make a Topic. -Investigate and make granite maul like 07. -Change the price for dharoks set from 2k to 10-15k (like each piece 3k ea or so) It would be a great way to make money and rebuild , because we all know how hard it is to rebuild on this game.Dher's barely profit.In my opinion dharok's set is way too cheap. -Clanchat is broken atm, When you give out any ranks (can be the lowest one "Recruit" it auto gives that person owner rank. -Make the Dodge animation for granite maul look like 07. -Honestly i feel like the duel arena needs to be re-worked Sometimes you hit with tent 24-20-20 then you start hitting 1s,6s,3,s while other opponent hits u back for the 20s it happens more than 70%(just tryna say in perspective how commonly it happends probably not 70% of the time) of my stakes.Im sure someone can relate.I'd like to have it as 07 where u lead 30-40hp and most likely will win.Here on oss you'd hit 2s and they hit 25s 20s and you're dead.(it happens.unbelivable alot.Also remove double death and add pid instead. -Pid in combat almost means nothing.Because you can outeat someone even though they have pid. That's it for now. -Dragunov
  5. What's your Username(s)?:Dragunov What clan are you in?:Solo (With Tata/Ex on 07)
  6. 01/09/17 Update

    Very nice Thank you! -Dragunov
  7. Damn , that's what we like! Thank you for being very consistant and listening to the community love the gmaul fix <3

    Not really needed to be fair ^^

  10. OS-Scape Weekend Events 21-07 / 23-07

    Sign me up for flower poke. IGN :Dragunov
  11. World 2 DH Tournament - RESULTS

    IGN :Dragunov
  12. deadmanmode smogering

    Nice whip and piety #Tata