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  1. I appreciate the response! Thanks man.
  2. Hey Simple, welcome to the team! The inferno looks awesome, and I can't wait to see what you do with the new economy world. Just a couple things I'd like to bring up: In the blog, you mention World 1 and World 3 as if they'll be separate worlds when the revive happens, I thought the two worlds were going to be combined and released as just one world to keep the player base together, could we get some clarification on that? I strongly suggest not making the inferno the full cave for the economy world. It is an extremely difficult and time consuming challenge for a private server, and if it was the same amount of waves that old school offers, I feel a lot of players would rather focus an attempt like that on the real game. Many players would be discouraged to even attempt it because of the tens of hours it would take them to complete the challenge (if not more), seeing as each attempt averages out to be around two hours. Please reconsider this aspect, I'd love to see the cave shortened down to even just the last few waves as they're still extremely difficult. With that being said, thank you for everything that you do - I can't wait to see the new world!
  3. cant login

    Unfortunately there's a good chance you're either typing it wrong or using the wrong password - are you sure you've never changed it?
  4. Staff Update (7/22/17)

    Congrats to everyone who was promoted, I'm happy to back along side you all. : )
  5. apple issue

    Wrong section man! Not sure how to fix your issue though unfortunately.