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  1. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    No point to argue with those kinds of ppl. They just need to know their place
  2. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    New eco world will be lit with even half of this
  3. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    bruh, my brain is gigantic
  4. Auto-logout bug fixed

    I still auto-logout after a good while.
  5. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    What? How does that comment have anything to do with me creating a suggestion list? I know very well who Bart is and that he isn't a robot. Nobody is, don't see why this was necessary?
  6. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    Miss you to homeboy
  7. Since you're going to open up another server, I thought it'd be kind of appropriate to create a suggestions list for you. Containing things that me and others missed on the previouse economy worlds that atleast I feel would make the game a little bit more enjoyable. - kourend slayer dungeon, aka remove the skotizo boss from wilderness. Add ancient shards and proper skotizo boss fight. And yes, slayer npcs here has different drops compared to the regular versions. - With the ancient shards, add the "arclight" with it's proper charging. Gives a variety of weapon for pvming. - Rogues outfit from the rouges den minigame, the minigame already exists and is completable. The outfit doesnt, it gives 2x yield whilst thieving. Aka double seeds/coins or whatever. - Re-worked Cerberus so the ghosts aren't safespottable, ruined the prices of boots. - Re-work aggro on all GWD bosses (not sure if this has been done), Arma was way to easy and it never hit you, as an example. - Full farming, including trees. - Lizardman shaman task only dungeon, recently added in osrs. - Finish the remaining bosses we currently don't have. - Achievemnt diary rewards obtainable one way or another, either through custom tasks or proper tasks. - Giving us access to stuff like molelocator, noted dag bones, noted dragonbones etc. - Lava runes crafting - Zeah Blood/Soul rcing. - No double exp weekends, ruined the economy. - Raids, obviously hue. - Mining guild expansion. - Minnow fishing. - Have a look at the code for prayer draining/prayer bonuses. Feels like prayer drains a hell of a lot faster here than it does on Osrs. - remove some of the shops for ironmen. Previously we could buy everything from runes to black dhides in the store. - Add some more slayer tasks including drops to regular dagannoths. - Add boss slayer with duradel. (including barrows tasks) - Add the new slayer tower basement. Aswell as update the droptables of slayer monsters. I.e the gargoyle buff and kurasks. - Add the following tasks; (with boss tasks on the ones that require it) Kalphites, Mithril dragons, Goraks (with updated droptable), - New slayer ring. - Giant mole and the proper nest exchanging at falador park. - Imp hunting with random imps in the world (not sure if this is added already) - All the lunar spells, ranging from fertile soil up to tanning dhides. - Proper way to enchant rings and slayer helmet. Not bloodmoney or just regular slayer points. - A way to obtain ardy cape (4) without having to spend bloodmoney. - Add tick manipulating for those who want to grind hardcore. i.e 3tick barb fishing, 3T mining and so on. Shouldnt be to difficult to add I reckon. - Add daily battlestaff from zaff in varrock, selling us x amount per day. --> making it possible for ironmen to craft battlestaves and make some money. (With this you need to add battlestaff crafting) - No overpowered p2w --> dont let us buy max gear in the store pls. - Make it possible to obtain cooking gaunts, with effect. I'll update this as I come up with more.
  8. suuh dude <3 Hi dere, when are you going to livestream again
  9. Wot?

    Guess who got demoted from a server
  10. You better keep dropping those barrows items in varrock square bruh
  11. World 1 original

    The best UIM ever
  12. Lmaaoo roids is back on the team
  13. Ew its the neef. Well someone needs to be rank 1 HCIM on the new world, ya feel me.
  14. Ayo, so a bird whispered to me that we'll be closing world 1/3 and opening up a new economy world. Some of you may know who I am, some of you don't. But I will more than likely be coming back to play the server once that new world opens up. And hopefully it'll be a success like w1 was for the first few weeks when it launched. Some of you may hate me, some of you may not. I'd like to apologize to whoever I had a beef with when I was here and I'm just here to start fresh and enjoy that HCIM grind once again. I knew I said in my resignation post that I'd never be coming back to OSS, however with this new world opening up I just cant resist of coming back and trying it out. Last but not least, hello to all the new faces and all the old ones. Ontop of that I'll be suiciding my hardcore, farewell w1/w3. Hcim bank.