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  1. Infernal Capes?

    1- took like 18 mins and CBA to do another as i dont need and dont have a tbow...
  2. Occult necklaces

    He obviously understands what you're saying but bitching and moaning at him constantly isn't going to help him fix the problem any faster if anything it just irritates him more the fact he has to put up with this shit everyday...
  3. Connection Isues

    The servers just had update so you won't be able to for a while as there adding some big things in as i cannot get onto server either atm so bare with them while its updating
  4. Autheticator

    Thought i'd come back to server after a few months but realized I cannot log into my account because I don't have the authentication code on my new phone and I tried setting up a new one on the forums but it still wont let me log in and I don't have a clue on how to bypass it either?