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  1. Small update to increase staff presence in game. The100s has been promoted to Helper. Zonox has been promoted to Helper. Pontus has been promoted to Helper. Baws Pure will now be known as Yli Lum has been promoted to Moderator. Steroids has been promoted to Moderator. Badder has been promoted to Senior Moderator. Funhaus has been demoted for inactivity. All the best, The OS-Scape team.
  2. what to do while server is down!....

    play a complete different game because nothing comes close to os-scape
  3. Server Down

  5. What do we do next?

    First off, the account was muted simply because you were telling people over yell to chargeback donations. He was kind enough to give the account a mute rather than a straight ban, which I and many others would have given since you were encouraging others to break the rules. If you are unhappy with our decisions about the server and donations then you can privately message the ones who made the said decision either on forums or on discord. Second, we have demoted over 30 different people in the last 2 months and we are quite content with who we have on the staff team. You posted on the forums because you are simply upset that you or your brother made the wrong decision in game and got punished for it.
  6. Server Down

    It's just Os-scape discord, but its not generating any invites for some reason.
  7. Server Down

    For some reason invites aren't loading, so when the original owner of the discord gets online I will have him make a post about our official discord.
  8. Server issues

    The server is down for now due to an issue with our server host. The right people have been contacted to deal with the issue. Again, thank you for your patience while we get this sorted. All the best, The OS-Scape team. Edit: Server is back online.
  9. Couple hours of hybridding

    some very nice kills

    I will look into this. Private message me on forums or on discord if you had staked him and mention what you had lost to him.
  11. Client stops half way

    Delete your cache and reload the client.
  12. password

    I'll pm you a new password in a few.