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  1. Couple hours of hybridding

    some very nice kills
  2. Last Day of OSS

    meh you'll be back soon enough :thinking:
  3. unfortunately we aren't able to transfer capes, just get it again on the new account

    I will look into this. Private message me on forums or on discord if you had staked him and mention what you had lost to him.
  5. Youtuber request

    This video was uploaded last year. If you decide to start making videos again then feel free to apply again.
  6. Made new acc and info dont work?

    The account dragon was used for name change testing quite a while ago so unfortunately it is unavailable. Just make another account
  7. Client stops half way

    Delete your cache and reload the client.
  8. [Forum Donator] Request

    Dealt with
  9. password

    I'll pm you a new password in a few.
  10. Request donator rank forums

    Dealt with
  11. Forum rank

    Dealt with
  12. 1 kc ezpz pet

  13. 430m

    Os-Scape isn't a rat and until you can prove or provide any type of information related to Os-Scape hacking you for 430m 07 then please refrain from posting things like this on the forum.
  14. Someone has set an authenticator on my account

    Mind private messaging me the 2fa email and/or creation email? Would help me identify you are the owner.

    Log in game using another account and then private message me the username. See if your account is connecting via ingame is the best way for us to tell if you are the account owner.
  16. Banned for no reason

    Theo wasn't the one who banned you, I banned you. We were presented with proof which confirmed that you both were involved with ddosing. You can post an appeal here if you wish to be unbanned and you can post a topic here if you feel you have been mistreated. I'll be locking this topic.
  17. password reset please?

    I'll private message you your new password shortly.
  18. Authenticator

    Your 2fa has been removed, remember to re-enable it by using the command ::2fa in game.
  19. Authenticator

    Mind logging ingame using another account? That way I can confirm your the owner of the account, thanks.
  20. I think I know the problem, if this doesn't help just post below that this isn't your problem/fix. First you need to have Java installed. Once you know that you have it installed, right click the application and select 'Open file location'. Then once the folder opens, double click launcher and the game should start.
  21. Iron Man request

    Dealt with!
  22. Can stores on w1 be reset please?

    We know the some stores aren't restocking, unfortunately this can't be fixed until the next server update. I and other admins have been logging onto each world to try and restock the stores. Some stores unfortunately are unable to be reset due to us not being allowed to sell items to the shop. I'll log on in a bit and refill the shops I can. Thanks for posting on forums.
  23. Client wont open.

    What does the client look like on your desktop? Sidenote: Do you have java installed?