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    And its about time something is done.
  2. Donators & Donator Zone

    Whats going on that would make the server fall apart?
  3. Donators & Donator Zone

    As you may know many of us that play this server donate a portion of money that we have earned in our real lives to the owner to keep the server running. The problem I have is the money that we give to the server we are left unrewarded for our efforts. I for one have donated 89$ to the server and all I have got in return is the ability to yell in game. What I don't understand is why the server refuses to honor the people that help keep it running. In my eyes, I see that donators are the most valuable players because they assist the owner in keeping sufficient funds required for the server to keep running. I propose that a donator zone should be created at once! The amount of unjust that we have faced is ridiculous, It is morally incorrect to treat donators in a manner where we only get certain perks dependent on the amount of money we donate, We only begin to get certain perks once we have donated outrageous amounts of money such as 250$. Every donator should be treated with respect and we deserve an area where we can benefit more than the normal player. Because as of now there is no point for me to continue donating for something that clearly doesn't give back in return. If I give you support you need to give it back.