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  1. What's your Username(s)? Show loveWhat clan are you in? All of them.
  2. Does this picture look obviously photoshopped?

    why not actually go out and get a picture you twat!
  3. Solidtag making a fool of them selfs

    I doubt he cares about random pserver kids... and do You mean the 50m ddos? Rofl if you gonna ddos someone atleast make sure 1k people are not watching. And I'm sure the kid that got banned lost way more than 50m + the account lmao. Secondly, how they got numbers and all on welfare and why flame solo pker...
  4. Solidtag making a fool of them selfs

    true but those retards are trying too hard forreal... they acting like they just got accounts lmfao
  5. go watch solidtag making a fool of them self's. 1 of them already planked. rofl stick to pservers guys forreal you cant handle osrs drag.