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  1. Staff Loc

    Hey! Good thing you mentioned that Stone! Hopefully we'll have more active staff in-game within a short period! I haven't been able to be online for that long each day since I work night shifts (GMT+1) I'm usually online 7-10 AM & then a while before work at 11 PM.
  2. What's your in-game username? Baws What's clan/team are you in? None Were you in the previous DMM tournament? No What's your discord tag? Baws Pure#8339
  3. W25 Edge Drive-by Shooting Victims

    Dope music choice, Akon<3
  4. 07 Vid

    Nice one Craigmaster
  5. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    I'm not quite sure who you are but back when I was staff I was in a bad position irl so I was quite ignorant to everyone, sorry about that.
  6. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Thank you!
  7. What's your Username(s)? Baws What clan are you in? None
  8. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Glad to see the staff team finally getting dealt with, welcome Lidocaine & Cheriberry
  9. First video in a long time!

    For the record I'm 2% serious in this video.
  10. OS-Scape Pk Video 2 - "Reload The Weapon"

    Sick video brother, to all of you who doesn't subscribe to him, do it now!<3
  11. Cool event! Goodluck to everyone! [I'm not in!]
  12. Bye OS-scape! :/

    Hey Zawyy! Yeah you were a world 3 player & I feel you since they are being removed, either you should play world 2 or wait until the new world is released!^^ Have a good one man!