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  1. Ye donated a while ago i want a nice rank on forums Thanks
  2. I Put 🔥Under Your Feet

    Pm me ff je skype @Erec X D Fam ik zou je graag in me contacten willen, Ik laat je later zien waarom
  3. Take a quick research on getting the photoshop license for free, it will take some time and some methods won't work but u will get there eventually. No problem btw ^^
  4. New Developer!

    Welcome @Simplemind, already see you're an oVo & that makes you instantly a bro Looking forward to getting to know you All the best and goodluck
  5. lel

    Go to see you promoted fam
  6. Staff Update (7/15/17)

    Gratz to the new staff, looking good Goodluck.
  7. The Future Of OS-Scape

    Nick, it was a good run.. selling weed in edge I wish you all the best and I'm very curious what the future oss will serve us
  8. lel

    Interesting http://prntscr.com/fvgkb3
  9. lel

  10. Oxseraid - Goodbye

    I'm crying