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  1. Hey Os-Scape community, I first off wanted to excuse my brief absence as I was preoccupied with the aftermaths of the storm that recently occurred within Florida. I also am currently moving states this week so I will be back to regular routine starting this Thursday. This week I'm working on a few updates. I wanted to showcase what you can expect to come among other bug fixes that have been reported. Ancient Wyverns While we still have plans to add Fossil Island for our Economy World (work in progress) I felt it was worth adding some of the notable features of Fossil Island to W2. That being said the following items will be added into W2 on the next update along with Ancient Wyverns. Granite longsword Ancient Wyvern shield Granite boots Wyverns will be discoverable in deep wilderness around slightly south of the KBD lair entrance. Wilderness Bosses This is something i've heard time & time again so I've gone ahead and began working on this. Currently, from my understanding, the state of the wilderness bosses is in pretty fragile state and proves for them to be virtually useless to do (like most bosses in W2). I've gone ahead and reworked the drop tables along with some wilderness boss mechanics so they become more viable for W2. Vet'ion has been added as well as it was a missing component. Clan Wars When it comes to clanning in OSS, I think this is one of our key activities. The current state of clan wars wasn't in a position where clans could realistically host battles and because of this, on next update, clan wars will be readily available for any two clans to start a battle. With this comes a few notable features such as: Different game modes Different arena types A spectator mode Bounty Hunter This is something i've had polled a few times throughout my time at OSS and the results were always all over the place. Because of that I haven't fully dedicated my time to writing this feature. If this feature were to come to Os-Scape would you all enjoy it? This feature would come with its own shop that could only be accessible through mysterious emblem currencies. I can also write this system depending on how you'd all prefer. For example, if you wish to hide the interface from your screen I can do so. I can also restrict the bounty hunter to only certain levels such as wilderness level 1-10. Please, let me know in the comments below. Bug Fixes There's a few bug fixes & additions I wanted to discuss in this thread as well. Granite maul: Let me start by saying this original code was not written by me and it is quite the conundrum to mess around with. With that being said, last update I seemed to have fixed one bug whilst causing another. This next update will attempt to fix the bug that was caused by last update but just be patient in knowing that this is something i'm working on to appease everyone. Incinerator: This is something i've fixed recently per request of the players. On next update, you will now be able to delete stacks of items in your bank by toggling on the Incinerator in your bank settings. I hope I've given you all something to look forward to for next update. If there's something you wish to see that I haven't mentioned please let me know below. Sincerely, Simplemind
  2. We don't really see a point to adding fossil island in W2 as the whole focus is mostly aimed towards PvP. With that being said, they will be in their regular location in other worlds when we release them.
  3. PvP Suggestions

    Suggestions look good! However, Duel Arena has nothing to do with hit generating. It boils down to combat. Also, I'm not quite sure where you say "I'd like to have it as 07 where u lead 30-40hp and most likely will win.Here on oss you'd hit 2s and they hit 25s 20s and you're dead." This isn't a thing as you can always lose.
  4. W2 Focus Plans

    Hey OSS community, Well, since we finally are getting everything back and rolling I'd thought I'd take the time out to discuss my intentions with you for the next few weeks. I'd also like to address some things that have been on my mind for some time. First off, with recent events, I will be acting as CEO for OSS. With that being said, as of today I'm not in a position where I can push the updates to the live server YET but it is being worked on to allow me to do so. My intentions from here on out is getting W2 in a comfortable spot before we focus on releasing a new world, which is known as the Economy Server. Before my arrival at OSS I noticed all of the worlds were left in a pretty dire-to-be-updated state and this is due to the fact of previous developers just mindlessly focusing on updates that honestly weren't needed. With that being said, my current focus is to get W2 back on track and by doing so I want to just hear some major W2 requests that are needed ASAP. I've been reading over the suggestions/complaints section so chances are I've fixed something you may report, but I'd like to read it anyway. Report things such as: Broken GE items Combat issues PvM Requests Item changes And so on... Sincerely, Mack
  5. Hello Os-Scape community, This update was focused at restoring anything our engine update broke last update. Also, I've deployed a series of combat updates that should improve the combat experience. I appreciate everyone who took the time to write massive lists for me to work from. Shoutout to Number 2 rag, impact XII, splifmeister and the rest of the people who posted in the suggestions section. Be sure to continue to post in the suggestions section on any bugs you may find or additions. Combat Dark bow special accuracy has been increased. Hp bar will no longer display an empty bar if HP remains within the player or npc. A bug with receiving exp drops but no damage being dealt has been fixed. Granite maul has been reworked. What does this mean? Well, the issue before was a problem with the PID system + granite maul special. Basically, if you had PID & did granite maul's special attack it would not let the player have any reaction time at all such as eating. I've done some code re-arrangement as a test to attempt to combat this issue. Do not report granite maul being bugged if you get out classed such as 1 tick'd. Player's will receive a 10 second immunity timer while getting a kill inside "Edgeville PVP" instance to allow a short period to loot. This is to combat against an influx of rushers in this location. Item switching has been improved to reflect 07s. Inferno The boss is now visible from both corners of the inferno so players should no longer experience issues with seeing the boss in locations they should. The Ancestral Glyph has been rewritten to be more accurate with blocking attacks. This is to combat against hits randomly going through the shield. Final boss healers will now spawn as they should. Healers will spawn when the boss has reached around 240 hp. Healers will now retaliate when being attacked and do an area-of-effect damage attack. A local leaderboard has been added to The Inferno. It will display the top 100 run times within the world locally, not all time. Skills Black chinchompa blood money reward has been buffed. Misc A bug allowing slayer helmets to be tradable has been fixed. Occults have been restored within the Miscellaneous 1 shop. You will no longer be able to create presets with charged items. This will fix players losing scales and other items while making a preset. The ability to buy 50 and 100 from the shop has been re-added back to shops. You can speak to the Make-over Mage at Edgeville Bank to select skin modifiers such as Midnight Black, Moonlight White, or Swamp Green. Fixed a numerous amount of item appearances that were reported. Players will now able to do ::Skull to grant themselves a combat skull. The following reported areas will no longer crash you upon teleporting to them: Cave Krakens Thermonuclear Smoke Devils Lizard Shamans Barrelchest Anchor is now able to be purchased in the blood money wares store. The cost is 800 BM. Any "ECO cleaner" item existent in game has been removed by yours truly. Picking up bloody keys will no longer cause the player to crash. The granite maul (cosmetic upgraded) attack options have been corrected to be accurate as they presented the wrong attack options previously. Player's start appearance upon account creation has been modified to resemble osrs. The beginner tutorial has been revamped to be slightly more informative and also gives the player the ability to select their game mode (Iron man, ultimate and so forth) at the end. A bug where players couldn't set certain hair and clothes combination has been fixed. Max Infernal Cape equip requirements has been fixed. Obsidian armor equip requirements has been fixed. Ale of the gods animation set has been fixed. You can now purchase items on the Grand Exchange that previously were broken such as Zulrah Scales Dexterous Prayer Scroll Uncharged Dragonfire Shield Ale of the Gods Anglerfish Uncharged Toxic staff of the dead Obsidian Armour Pieces Uncharged Blowpipe Sincerely, Mack & The OSS Team
  6. You need to be in combat for that mechanic to process as it should. Hitting a dummy doesn't replicate our combat context.
  7. Inferno pet with Reaction! :D

    Well done!
  8. After Update BUGS

    All these are resolved. You will lose scales if you already have the item in your preset. My fix was a preventative measure to stop any future issues with it on new presets.
  9. I encourage you to use some common sense.
  10. I try to keep an eye for detail but sometimes I'm slightly off.
  11. W2 Focus Plans

    I'm looking to hear any and all items that may be broken on GE. This happened because a previous update that another dev did accidentally broke GE values for some items. Also, blood key crash has been fixed for next update.
  12. BUGS MEGA LIST (will keep updated post your bugs here)

    I've gone ahead and fixed the HP bar issue Added some code that should create a better Ancestral Glyph. I've gone ahead and fixed items that have charges (such as DFS, zulrah items and so forth) from being lost when creating presets. Basically, you'll have to either uncharge the item and create the preset or choose a different item altogether. These updates will be featured in next update arriving this week. Thanks for the report. Keep them coming.
  13. Occult necklaces

    You can hold to your beliefs as you wish. Staff members who care to vouch can always do so if you wish to ask anyone. You say "a long time ago" but you should remember i've only been apart of this team for ~a month. Hopefully my actions can speak louder than my words for the duration of time I'm here.
  14. Occult necklaces

    Will give it a look, but just because I've commented saying I fixed something simple doesn't imply my set of updates is going to consist of just putting items back in shops. I've been working alongside staff members to fix current PvP issues and things alike.
  15. Occult necklaces

    I'm not really sure where you're getting at here? I've seen no complains of having occults in the shop? If you're on about other matters... if it's in this section I'll read around to it. I'm 1 person.
  16. Occult necklaces

    I've gone ahead and done this. It'll be in for next update this week.
  17. Infernal Cape with Blowpipe [FULL VIDEO | CAFE]

    Nicely done.
  18. Hey guys, Some of you may have already seen my face around the server every so often and some of you probably have no idea who i am so I wanted to take the liberty of stepping away from work, creating this post to introduce myself, and show you what I've been working on since my start at OS-Scape. Who are you? I won't keep this thread directed too much on me as I know a majority of you didn't come here for this, but I am the new developer hired to work under OSS. I took this position with the ambition to help OSS rise back to the top again. What's your focus? As of right now, if I'm not assisting on current bug fixes, I'm directing my attention at reviving of the Eco/Realism world. My plans are to fix any bugs the world(s) may be riddled with before I go on a content spree of development. I've heard many of your concerns about wanting the current state of the server fixed before we just throw more content into the game so that's exactly what I'll be doing. After the Eco/Realism world(s) have had their share of attention I'll be looking to do a W2 overhaul where I polish the world in its entirety. I have a few ideas in mind for W2 content additions & fixes, but if you have anything to contribute I'd be more than happy to hear it! All in all... I want to show you, the players, that I don't plan on continuing the trend of "inactive development" that may have been apparent in the past from old developers. I look forward to bringing OSS back to where it belongs, #1. Without further ado, let's get into the diaries. The Inferno The Infernal cape will be introduced to Os-Scape and can be achieved by defeating The Inferno. W1 and W3 will be required to complete all waves and W2 will start at the final boss. (W3 starting point is still up for discussion) The infernal max cape will become available upon a player receiving an infernal cape. You can get the Infernal max cape by combining the two together. Best times will be recorded and displayed after every attempt. You can gamble your Infernal cape by speaking to TzHaar-Ket-Keh near the Inferno Pool entrance for a chance at the pet. TzHaar Expansion (Mor Ui Rek) Mor Ui Rek will become accessible with The Inferno update. You are required to have a fire cape to gain access into the city. You will not have to sacrifice your cape to get int. Fishing spots, mining areas and thieving locations will be accessible within the city providing new materials to the game. The ability to obtain the new obisidian armor. Will require 60 defence to equip. Access to more utilities such as banks and furnaces. More features will come into play as progress develops. The expansion and Inferno update are fairly close to being done, but no ETA can be released due to needing extensive testing to be done prior to releasing to the live world. You can expect more media and videos to come as development expands. Feel free to give me your feedback and anything else you'd like to see from me personally in the upcoming weeks. Sincerely, Simplemind
  19. Yeah, my apologies about acting as if W1/3 were going to be separate worlds. It's all one world. As for the length of the inferno in the economy world... I'll be polling some things within this week when inferno is near completion.