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  1. when is the eco server coming out?

    Probably never, or so far away it pretty much is never.
  2. Staff update 10/9/2017

    Another OG member bites the dust, congrats to the new guys though. Well deserved from what I can see.
  3. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Congrats to all being promoted.
  4. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Obviously I don't know what's going on behind the scenes or the reasoning behind a lot of these demotions - but there are a lot of guys there I think should still be on the team, but, as I said - they could have wanted to leave etc. Congrats to the new helpers - good luck!
  5. Aye I know - it's just all a lot of people are waiting around for really. I'm fine with waiting - means we get a product, hopefully.
  6. Nice updates as always...although just waiting to enjoy it all on the eco world.
  7. Read Unread Content button disappeared

    No problem - thanks for the response.
  8. Read Unread Content button disappeared

    @I Am One, any update on this? Still only showing the folder for me which has no action.
  9. Amazing work @Simplemind! Welcome to OS-Scape Looking great so far, can't wait for release!
  10. Read Unread Content button disappeared

    Awesome, great work dude - thanks a lot.
  11. Read Unread Content button disappeared

    Yeah it doesn't do anything. By the way I didn't mean to post this topic 3 times, it just said error posting topic so I tried 3 times and gave up. But it seems as though it did actually post haha.
  12. What seems to be the issue?: https://gyazo.com/948be38f7cfeb658b69dbfc17b10ea86Additional Information: So I just came on the forums like I do every day, went to see what the new posts were and the button has disappeared for me
  13. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    Don't get started on this argument.
  14. Auto-logout bug fixed

    I still have to log-in most times I visit.
  15. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    Great, suggestions - obviously agree with all of them as they're OSRS content already. The one that REALLY REALLY needs to happen is the NO DOUBLE EXP WEEKENDS - literally ruined the game.