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  1. I'd hope that if they had, we would've also had some insight into their actual plans.
  2. Good luck dude.
  3. #easyworlddoesntcount
  4. Don't get started on this argument.
  5. I still have to log-in most times I visit.
  6. Great, suggestions - obviously agree with all of them as they're OSRS content already. The one that REALLY REALLY needs to happen is the NO DOUBLE EXP WEEKENDS - literally ruined the game.
  7. I am slightly concerned about the harder game-modes not having ANY benefits too. Although I'll still be picking the hardest game-mode no matter what, I think that things such as slower prayer drain rate in PvM, a slight drop-rate boost and the double drops from W1 all go a long way in keeping players interested and active. Would like to see at least something for the players choosing to dedicate MUCH more of their time on the server by choosing a more 'long-term' game-mode such as Realism on W1. Afterall, you didn't see many, if any at all, classic or laid-back players right at the end on W1 - it was just Ironmen and realism mode players. Will be interesting to see what drove @Jason & Airo to this decision.
  8. I agree with the ticket system. I'm not sure what the 'rule' or guideline is for staff now, but when I was on the team the general consensus was just don't AFK. Just log off if you're not prepared to do your job for a while, then simply log back in when you're ready to come back.
  9. There's loads of cannonable slayer tasks - as soon as 2 people with a cannon get the same slayer task, no one else can do that task until they've finished.
  10. No support. We only have one world, if someone uses a cannon in a certain area, then that area is basically void for anyone else. Whereas in OSRS, you can just hop worlds.
  11. Patience, my friend.
  12. Haha, welcome back.
  13. Hope you come back when the new world is released, whenever that may be.
  14. When do you think we will be getting the first real look at the new world? Also, I take it you'll be using the same base (current W1/3) and just improving from there content-wise?
  15. Haha congrats dude, even if it is gonna be gone soon - at least you can save the image. Frame it