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  1. Economy Changes [POLL]

    1. I'm not a fan of an eco reset, but the shop has to be reverted if you guys decide to go that route. 2. Incentive voting more! Maybe 100k bm option at 10 votes. There isn't enough incentive currently. People with mills call me disabled, but people would be able to pk a lot quicker with an ags that inflated to 120k rather than grinding zulrah or something on a pvp server. 3. Please make wilderness skilling 100-200k bm+/hr. 4. It would drive skillers to play and make it fun to hunt/protect them.
  2. Need to reset 2fa

    I'd like to reset 2fa on my accounts chebding and chebding1. I have recently moved apartments at university and am unable to get into the email that had the 2fa saved. I can provide any information necessary via pm.
  3. Rune Scimitar Hybriding

    If only ate said ate when he died :D. Nice video as usual
  4. OS-Scape Weekend Events 21-07 / 23-07

    Enter me for the fp event IGN: Chebding