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  1. New arrows on all worlds!
  2. New arrows on all worlds!

    Yes all javelins all bolts and all arrows
  3. New arrows on all worlds!

    Can mining guild be bigger?Make expansion?And add new arrows so players can make them and will be new money maker.
  4. Change g.e teleport spot.

    My suggestion is what ;;ge teleport be moved this spot?Be more better,will look like osrs+we have price check be very hype!
  5. solidtag whales planking every single day

    Good video!
  6. Arcane spirit shield 3 kc

  7. Light ballista

    Yes and nobody pks at w1 w3.Whats why w2 needs it
  8. Light ballista

    But havent see a single light ballista in game i swear.Demonic gorila dont drop them?Where is no light ballista in drop table?
  9. Light ballista

    Suggesting light ballista i think we dont have one in game?Deffinetly will help pking.Price wont be huge this ballista aint very powerful 3-10k for ballista.And maybe javelins will going up?