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  1. Staff Loc

    We recently had a lot of staff members that were removed due to a lot of different reasons. We will definitely work on getting more staff members once everything settles. Thank you for your feedback.
  2. 200m+ Bank Video

    Where did those cyan hat / boots go to HMM... Nice bank though, that cash stack definitely looks sexy
  3. lmao :D

    We just prefer no RWT talk on our forums, I hope that's understandable.
  4. albion online guild

    Nearly every mmo has guilds I'll probably join @Froggit! Haven't really found people to play with and it's just sitting here on my desktop waiting to be played.
  5. Iron man rank request

    All done! Good luck on the ironman!
  6. Good to have you back dude! We'll definitely race the highscores on the new world together!
  7. Thanks And Bye! - Pontus

    Was always nice to have you around OSS, thanks for staying for such a long time my friend. Much love <3
  8. forum donator rank

    Fixed <3
  9. Rune Scimitar Hybriding

    I love stuff like this, Nice job!
  10. Coolio. Looking forward to the inferno content!
  11. 750$ donated, donator item req

  12. 750$ donated, donator item req

    On it!
  13. The events for sunday will be delayed for a few hours due to an unexpected event I have to go to irl, I'll keep you all updated ingame over yell as to when the tournament starts for flower poker. - Red