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  1. Bridding bac wen you was still in nippys

    you should cut your clips some more. these clips could've all be shrunk into 5-6 mins. this makes the video boring after a bit.
  2. Less cancerous than Aryans pk video

    i rebuild that in like 10 mins i quit because i fell asleep in the middle of a quest and woke up 5 hours later ded and far behind.
  3. "Gyl" being salty --- funny

    no worries, not mad at all. just showing people what kind of a hypocrite shit kid you are 1-0
  4. "Gyl" being salty --- funny
  5. "Gyl" being salty --- funny

    Remember when i said ''stop assuming shit'' this is another example. couple fights before you pjed my fight and then i wacked you once with ags you straight up come bitching ''Did you really try to ags gmaul me'' and about the ''salty'' part i still dont get why apparently i am salty when you're the one who died and you're the one who made a topic after dying and you're the one blowing this all up when i'm just fking around in edge take a nap please. you need it.
  6. "Gyl" being salty --- funny

    cry about gmaul whats in your inventory?
  7. "Gyl" being salty --- funny

    Also, who's salty lmao, you got dropped you made a topic on me and all i did was spec you out real quick after i ignore listed you because you cried so much in my pms.
  8. "Gyl" being salty --- funny

    1-0 whipe of your tears and continue getting destroyed please.
  9. best pker kamal hi

    juicy shit brother