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  1. #BringBackW3

    I spoke about this to you on Discord, however I'll give you an insight. The original OS-SCAPE when PVP was purely released boomed, hundreds and hundreds of players, thousands at one point. The business side of things were great, money was being made and the players were satisfied. However, a small majority of the server deemed it boring and requested an economy world (Nick and Bart wanted it too) so they started to develop it using the original OS-SCAPE code (the economy one) to perfect. They didn't ever get around to finishing that server even though they released it, too many bugs. You could ask why they didn't prioritise it but from a business perspective, that was impossible. The server itself was not making money, the players were not holding up, the PVP server reigned supreme and all development was entirely focused on that side. The economy world here (I preferred) would be great, however, if you're going to play you need to understand that priories in order to keep the business afloat need to be set in stone, this world, I will tell you right now will not gain the popularity you think it will (I wish though).
  2. Staff update 10/9/2017

    Congratulations everyone.
  3. Os-scape as we know it.

    Absolutely not. I would never endorse voting to giving a huge advantage, it should never be like that you're right! However, providing different voting options will not only entice more people to vote but also grow the server quicker. I'm not too sure on what else could be added as an incentive to vote but suggestion could be given. The economy should be monitored very closely, nothing should be given too easily.
  4. Os-scape as we know it.

    Oh of course not, I may have explained that differently than I had in my mind. There is evidently that grind factor that in this case, players who play for longer will (eventually) become much more powerful than the average Joe, that's completely correct. I meant it as in, you're stuck in an endless cycle that doesn't let you proceed. You're more or less sitting there voting and waiting to get enough to actually start. Back in 2016 when OS-SCAPE PVP first released we had a multitude of discussions regarding the stiff patch that players simply could not progress efficiently. I can't remember the final decision but something was done about it and progression wasn't impossible. I do, however, still stand on that (some) items need to be buffed in order to push people to continue trying, it's no fun hitting zeros in fights when you're out of food in minutes. I'm a first hand witness to this and I'm sure many others are.
  5. Os-scape as we know it.

    While you're right, you're wrong too. Upon me starting, I could not get a kill nor sustain in a fight for longer than a minute or two, the equipment people use against the starting equipment? You're set out not to win, it's how it works. I feel like either the items need a minimal buff to push players to continue to try or just generally keep sustain when fighting. The starting melee kit is beyond a joke and you'll be out of food against someone with a fighter torso in one to two minutes, the majority of the time you will not win the fight, took me an hour to kill one person.
  6. Os-scape as we know it.

    The majority of people who play OS-SCAPE don't team fight and purely play for their own amusement. It is a good idea and will entice players, however, appealing to the majority is of most importance here. Selling items back to the shop should be brought back in my opinion also. I have to admit that in my time of server management on different games and such the staff promotion and general team layout here needs to be improved slightly, adjusts should be made to provide the community with a direct line of quick communication between member and staff member. I had a few things lined up for OS-SCAPE when I was apart of the team however never got round to it. The voting store should give people a large variety of options, I have to admit, starting on the server (against players with better gear) the chance of you killing them? Is little to none. It's too intimidating and you stand barely any chance of growing. Possibly better food and such? It all depends on the team.
  7. Server

    Those servers are closed till further notice. The staff team have let us know that the economy world is being revamped and fixed - no ETA has been set for that yet.