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  1. lmao :D

    LOL! They deleted our posts because we spit some truth in the face of the people and they don't want anyone to see. Next we'll probably get banned
  2. Skotizo

    Ahhhh R.I.P
  3. Skotizo

    Now all you need to do is take that little guy down to the sand casino
  4. voting

    True. More voters means more publicity for the server anyways. How cool would it be for there to be like a 1/1000 chance of an ely or some other super rare/expensive item.
  5. New Anti-rag Mechanic (Poll)

    It's hard to feel bad for the Os-Scape staff when I look at things like this. I completely understand that you're all in a pressure situation and that it's a stressful job. But really, when I see things like this I can't help but think "You're only hurting yourselves." These types of updates are EXACTLY why the server is so far behind others. You are seriously wasting your time on this type of update when there are real issues that should be addressed. C'mon guys, wake up before it really does become too late.
  6. Afk bridding

    is this a troll or
  7. Would you rather:

    Choosing BM because you can RWT it for 12M 07 per 1M BM doesn't count. Try to imagine that the currencies cannot be exchanged for others.
  8. What is your drag on?

  9. What is your drag on?

    Just something I've been curious about. I think it will be interesting to see what the majority of the community uses. A lot of people will probably lie but hey what can I expect. Be honest, no one will know who you are. I've made voter names non-public.
  10. World 2 DH Tournament - RESULTS

    IGN: Darthknight - I'm down if im online at that time.
  11. Donation $ Transfer?

    Ok thank you.
  12. Donation $ Transfer?

    Hey! I was wondering if it is possible to transfer the donation $ from my alt accounts to a single account (this case being my main)? I have a lot of donation money racked up spread across several accounts and nowadays I never log in to them. SO is it possible to take those accumulated donation ranks and transfer all of them onto the one account? Thanks.
  13. Transfer

    I don;t play W3 much and I have never played W1, but I agree there needs to be some sort of compensation. People invested their time into these worlds and to delete them would be like deleting W345 DMM on 07. Sure the world) has a low player count but at the same time it's some peoples home world and they have invested time/money into it.
  14. Stolen Gilded Platebody

    Thank you!
  15. Stolen Gilded Platebody

    Hello everyone. I have a little complaint here. When I was wiped for buying BM my gilded platebody was also taken. I have had this item for many months and it has been a source of superstitious luck. As far as I know this item is worthless, as I have asked several people it's worth and also the fact that how I actually got it was I tented it for 5K and won. So if anyone can tell me why my gilded platebody was taken and somehow return it to me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.