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  1. What's your in-game username? ColdWhat's clan/team are you in? none.Were you in the previous DMM tournament? No.What's your discord tag? Cold#1901
  2. MINI VID 3 - AH 64 APACHE

    Great vid, but the song
  3. Hey everyone, Most people will know me as: Mage, CANDID16321. I am going to be quitting OS-Scape permanently, i've met some really great people on this server over the past year and would like to thank those people for having a great time on here. You know who you are. This is quite hard for me since i've been playing Runescape for the past 9 years, because i've been playing for this long i lost motivation to log on and do anything Runescape related. Hope this server will get back to the player count they had. Thanks for everything. Cold, out. 9/14/2017
  4. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Congrats @Aveeno @Baws
  5. From Russia pipe down.

    Very nice loot!

    Good vid, proper tune.
  7. Undefeated hybrid video 2

    Clearing edgepvp like usual
  8. edgepvp 1

    Good video and love the music. ^^