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  1. Now we just need world 1 back
  2. Ironman

    Can you please stop with the spam, they'll get to it when they are online.
  3. Stuck connecting to update server

    problem fixed.. I was trying to load world 1 [realism] I switch to w2 and it worked fine
  4. I need help please when I opened the client 5 minutes ago it worked fine but I couldn't login because it said os-scape was updating even though there is a lot of people still playing. So I closed the client and reopened and now i'm stuck at "connecting to update server" please help. Thanks, Zect
  5. [New world] QOL/content suggestions.

    Amazing suggestions and if all of these are added I see a great future for os-scape
  6. Ultimate on W2

    Hello and today I'm basically going to be making a non-official ultimate iron because there is no specific ultimate iron man rank on w2. Rules - 1) No banking (Unless to get an item from presets that you cannot buy. Example - Barrows gloves) 2) May only purchase untradable items from the untradable shop 3) Allowed to buy things from supplies, wares and heraldic shops 4) You ARE allowed to exchange hides for d'hide armour (Meaning you must kill dragons to get the hide then once you have enough you've unlocked the pieces) That's all the rules I can really think of atm so yeah.
  7. Hey I'd like to request for an ultimate iron man rank for: No banks [ w2 ] If I am not allowed to get ultimate rank, iron man will do just fine. Would prefer ultimate though.
  8. The Closure Of World 1 & 3

    Sad to see the world 1 that I love gone... for now. Can't wait for the economy world to be revived! Amazing idea and good luck with the development.
  9. Amazing work, can't wait to see what else you guys have to offer. I also can't wait for the economy world to come back out I miss it badly haha.
  10. 5M Blood Money Giveaway

    Go to his video - subscribe, like the video and comment your ing name
  11. Hey so basically I messaged Tard when I logged in and asked to transfer and so I gave him my twisted bow from w1. I logged into world 2 and got my 1m bloodmoney from Tard then a rollback happened. I logged back in and I don't have any bloodmoney. If anyone could give my 1m bloodmoney back that'd be greatly appreciated.
  12. HUGE W3 suggestions

    world 1 Aswell please ^
  13. Zect's Progress / Road to Ely

    Request to remove this topic please. Made a new ultimate iron man for w3 that I'll be making progress for
  14. Since I died a couple days ago... I've decided to make a progress log of drops I get and xp goals I achieve while going for all of my items back and an elysian spirit shield.
  15. Gage's Introduction

    Nice to meet you Gage!