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  1. crabby-cunts quality LOOOOL

    after 10 hours of nsing. this is what he resorts to smh. ez tbh
  2. its 2017. you know theres a db leak. change your password and use ::2fa you clueless downies
  3. fix your server

    cost me a max due to random d/c. smh
  4. more laggy?

    @Hybridsmash9 im with optus
  5. Economy Changes [POLL]

    100% on the BH idea
  6. more laggy?

    @Hybridsmash9 yeah brother i am australian
  7. more laggy?

    is it just me or has this server become unplayable due to lag?
  8. cocklover99 downed ofc

    died to a half tb. dropped for zgs,dfs, tstod
  9. so dreamscape ofc