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  1. One of OSS Veterans. Hate to see you go but you have left your mark. Take care man.
  2. Dealt with. Closed.
  3. Awesome job red!
  4. I like this idea.
  5. Don't believe this will be helpful in situations we currently deal with as a staff member or player. I see more complaints from players being unable to PK than players being attacked and annoyed.
  6. Looks great @simpletons! Looking forward to the release!
  7. @Smileplease why are you buying on World 1? Should be buying from W2. Also, Your payment isn't processed. I would try again.
  8. Staff are not allowed to AFK. I agree if you are not getting an instant response it gets fustrating. Staff deal with on average 1-2 people per minute. This is due to bugs, scams, wilderness assistance and so much more. We have a dedicated team who actively "check in" and deal with outtake resources like staff chats and user information which may take about 1-2minutes to get an answer. Most players seem to pm several staff members and on the staff side we ask a certain staff member to take care of it. A ticket system was used on a server I used to play and it did work as saying "you are 6th in line" this was on a Pvm server with not much going on and the tickets went up quite a bit. With a bigger server like OSS, it may be useful but also time consuming as you will have yo take care of 1 person at a time instead of multi tasking. As well as tickets that we can't always take seriously. I agree these are great additions and would like to see them implemented. But just like anything else, there are flaws and perks. Thanks for sharing.
  9. User will be dealt with! Thank you for your report.
  10. Answered ^ You may view that post HERE: Closed.
  11. w1

    W1/W3 closing. Post is no longer needed. Closed
  12. Closed and moved
  13. Hello @Krame, Check out this post for troubleshooting. Hope to see you playing soon! Moved to correct section
  14. With the current worlds closing this is no longer a concern. Closed and moved.
  15. Hello @benbranSS, Sorry to hear about your current login issues! Try these steps below to fix them and get back to playing OSS! Moved to correct section.