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  1. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Good luck to the new helpers.
  2. After Update BUGS

    Thanks @Simplemind A moderator can close this topic.
  3. 01/09/17 Update

    Reputation (for posts) isn't available anymore. Unsure if it's just me or for everyone.
  4. After Update BUGS

    Can't Edit: -Mage arena mage's attack through protection prayers. yeah, this is what a non bridding/clanning kdr looks like
  5. After Update BUGS

    I will update these as I go along: -Current presets made before update still lose scales when used (just a warning to players that they will need to cut the toxic items out of their presets and renew them) -Less than an hour after update no staff online. Several players having issues (Noting them to post on forums with current issues/bugs) -Switching is slow and not responsive. (i believe this is being looked at by Simplemind)
  6. Amazing work as always, mack!

    Well then I don't see a problem with it. Note, I did mention I do not 0lay 07 so unaware of its mechanics.
  8. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Gratz to the new helpers! Sad to leave the OSS Staff Team. Was fun and eventful. Changes are always needed, I hope to see OSS thrive every day. Definitely a hardworking group looking out for the best of the server.

    Not needed tbh. But I don't see the importance of it as I never played 07. We already see the HP above their heads and for DH pkers this may interfere with fake eating to stay a low up and end up getting spec'd out. No support
  10. Donators & Donator Zone

    Agreed, we need more benefits for those who donate supporting the server (like myself and many others) Just be aware that the entire staff team support all donators and those who contribute to keeping the server up and running. The staff team work daily at no expense to be sure this does not change. We are working on many improvements for both the setver and those who contribute to it's cause. You ask we listen.
  11. Read Unread Content button disappeared

    Yes sir. We are currently experiencing maxed memory in the forums. I am also experiencing an issue with unread content as it shows nothing in the folder. Sorry for the delayed response but we should see a fix once the next update is released.
  12. Client Issue "Loading Title Screen"

    Hi, Have you tried deleting your cache file? Windows Open (C) folder > users >(username of computer) > osscape (delete folder) or, open it amd delete the "cache" file.
  13. My account

    Pass sent to inbox. Enjoy.
  14. Pretty shit RNG leads me to this

    Tough luck man, been there too many times! Especially my 5th risks at 10hp hitting low on 25hp.