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  1. Last Day of OSS

    Hey everyone, This is my last day playing OSS. The best server I have ever played with an amazing Staff team keeping things moving (even those who are no longer with us). Personally, I been forcing myself to login recently and just been tending my GE merching and a few risk fights here and there. I feel it's just a vicious cycle that i no longer enjoy. The most fun I ever had on this server was being a part of the staff team. I really enjoyed working with you all and look forward to many of you succeeding in life *RIP Helper Guide 2017* There's a lot of you in-game that have my respect and I hope it goes both ways. Some may feel i dislike them but honestly, what's wrong with a little flame : ) The community here have always been the best and I hope to see it grow. I hope everyone who was part of the drop party, trivia and HNS had as much fun as i did! I will probably lurk forums here and there but i made my mind about playing. I wish all of you the best! You may now begin the "nobody cares" "sit ked" "finally!" posts.
  2. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Good luck to the new helpers.
  3. fix your server

    you either got hit off or bad net...Server hasnt DC 'd in a long time for me and many others.
  4. Forum Fixes

    Thank you
  5. Regarding Bans & Accounts

    Thanks for the notice.
  6. Inferno Max Cape

    It was mentioned on the topic of the release that is was permanent.
  7. Economy Changes [POLL]

    Would be great for all of these! Would keep players new and old busy and looking forward to better experiences in-game Also, would like to see some more "rares" that are achieved in more ways. Good stuff Airo!
  8. Are you potted? XD. I have maxed pkd for a long time, never hit a 50.
  9. After Update BUGS

    Thanks @Simplemind A moderator can close this topic.
  10. After Update BUGS

    I will update these as I go along: -Current presets made before update still lose scales when used (just a warning to players that they will need to cut the toxic items out of their presets and renew them) -Less than an hour after update no staff online. Several players having issues (Noting them to post on forums with current issues/bugs) -Switching is slow and not responsive. (i believe this is being looked at by Simplemind)
  11. Quitting - Why & Giveaway

    Sad to see a dedicated player go. I do believe it's getting better as I have seen it from both the player and staff point of view. Although some things don't get fixed/added on a timely manor, I believe OSS will continue to grow. Instead of giving away all of your stuff, maybe just a small break?
  12. 01/09/17 Update

    Reputation (for posts) isn't available anymore. Unsure if it's just me or for everyone.
  13. more laggy?

    No lag issues for me.
  14. After Update BUGS

    Can't Edit: -Mage arena mage's attack through protection prayers. yeah, this is what a non bridding/clanning kdr looks like
  15. Amazing work as always, mack!

    Well then I don't see a problem with it. Note, I did mention I do not 0lay 07 so unaware of its mechanics.
  17. Same plants, same tick.
  18. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Carry on? I'm only flaming you because you act like a victim when you betrayed everyone and had the nerve to talk shit to the people you called "friends". I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I show everyone with respect and honor while being staff or not. No reason why you should be allowed to play but whatever.
  19. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    Thanks. That all? Got nothing on me. Welcome back though, probably won't be long after you sell your stuff again for a McDouble.
  20. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Gratz to the new helpers! Sad to leave the OSS Staff Team. Was fun and eventful. Changes are always needed, I hope to see OSS thrive every day. Definitely a hardworking group looking out for the best of the server.
  21. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    Got to take into consideration about the economy with a handful of players whom may been effected by this refining a large wealth will drop devalue many items in-game. 10% is plenty considering they are getting money that was lost amd/or if the eco items were used in the first place. If I lost a large amount to this is be happy with a % than nothing. Anyone who gambled eventually gets cleaned legitimately. So the ling run the player would have needed up with no wealth. The fact they are owning up and discontinuing this is a big plus in the RSPS community.
  22. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    Thank you for showing respect to the community by not only admitting the faults, but also taking care of them. I'm sure a lot of upset players will be happy with the change and also be refunded some wealth they lost.

    Not needed tbh. But I don't see the importance of it as I never played 07. We already see the HP above their heads and for DH pkers this may interfere with fake eating to stay a low up and end up getting spec'd out. No support
  24. The Future of OS-Scape v2

    This is a joke right? Since you were banned for RWT and rigging duels while mod, you did nothing but talk shit about the staff and the server since then and NOW You want to join the bandwagon and say you were cleaned 150m? Lmfao. You are the definition of a joke kid. Back to the topic... this is a good change for OSS. Sometimes we need to step back to move forward on a better route.
  25. W2 Focus Plans

    Hope to see a lot of these fixed. Thanks.