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  1. downloading fail

    Have you tried to delete and then redownload ur cache and everything attached to it?
  2. First time hybridding

    Jesus, gj badder
  3. Jason went staking I guess

  4. MINI VID 3 - AH 64 APACHE

    Nice vid man + that song lmao
  5. No motivation. - Cold

    Take care qt <3
  6. edgepvp 1

    Nibe video men.
  7. Pets / Skills

    There is actually a chance of it becoming golden in os-scape.
  8. Black chinchompas(money making) guide.

    Very nice guide, goodjob Matt!
  9. Regarding Updates

    Thanks for this information.
  10. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Congratz on the promotions @Baws and @Aveeno :)!
  11. From Russia pipe down.

    Satisfying to die to a guy wearing mystics when you got urself ahrims + ely, ty for max brother.
  12. 10th Ely drop.

    Fuck, i got like 1200kc and 9elys You beat me =(
  13. First Ironman with Nibbler pet?

    Gz Wish you were that lucky @ corp l0l
  14. [POLL}Augry and rigour location move

    Of course, Would love to see this update.