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  1. Bye OS-scape! :/

    Hate to see you go, but i beg to differ im #1 pvmer of w3
  2. First epic Pure Nh'ing Video!

    That was very enjoyable to watch, i especially enjoyed the dwh kills
  3. Keep up the great work cant wait for the release! <3
  4. W1 to W2 swap request.

    Already dealt with, this was my mistake
  5. Staff Status (And More)

    I actully like the ticket system great idea!
  6. W3 to W2 transfer

    Staff will be with you shortly
  7. W1 -----> W2 Bank transfer

    Just to clarify before a mod responds, the whole bank wont be transferred, a staff member will meet with you ingame and your traded wealth will be calculated and you will receive an amount equivalent to the transfer rate to w2 bloodmoney. Good Luck, MissAshley
  8. -_-_-_- another give away-_-_-_-_-

    Missashley - New to w2 with the closing of w3 EDIT: Oh shoot did i just post to a really old thread?
  9. Forum Donor Rank

    - In-game Name : Missashley - Proof of rank :

    This was actually very satisfying to watch, i would like to see something like this done with elite/hard clues on world3
  11. Do you like the song above?

  12. Do you like the song above?

    i like your song @Wanted X also @jeff you're supposed to reply with a new song
  13. Move ingame updates from old forum

  14. Do you like the song above?

    Just post what you're currently listening too and comment on the song above you P.S i know its french but this is what im currently listening too
  15. Thoughts on the new forums?

    Not sure if here is the right place to post it, idk if others have this issue, but it doesnt automatically log me in and i have click sign in everytime i open up my browser. Fix maybe? or tell me how to fix mine.