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  1. Niceee Lum
  2. Always sad to see Veterans of the game leave,especially you sad to see you go I wish you the best of luck!
  3. Absolutely amazing @Simplemind thanks for this!
  4. I want that Fp event all the wayyyy IGN:Orgins
  5. No I dont think this needs to be implemented at the moment.
  6. Glad this was put out there
  7. Welcome to the team of cringe masters much need promotions now we will actually have helpers online! Gratz everyone
  8. Even though this may anger many this needed to happen as there was no way to revive W3 or W1 no matter what we did, especially with the eco the way it was unfortunately this had to happen. But great things are to come with this new Eco world
  9. I'd like to see more community events but we are already bringing that back and I wanna see the Light Ballista implemented on w2 could maybe change up the pking meta. Other than that i like everything the team is working on and I wish the Dev's the Best of luck!
  10. Welcome to the fam! @Simplemind
  11. Nice lol
  12. Like the ideas
  13. Congratz all, sad to see @IronWinteryand @I Am One to leave the Blue squad.
  14. Scemmed
  15. Seems legit