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  1. Money Making Guide

    Thanks man!
  2. Money Making Guide

    Thank you very much for rating it! The problem is im pretty much a noob myself and i just wanted like to break-the-ice in order to push people to make guide like this. There is a lack of guides, back in the day there was a OS Scape Wiki where you had all of the information. Anyone is free to make suggestions/contributions to this post or create a post by themselves if they feel so, i'll gladly add it.
  3. Staff update 10/9/2017

  4. Money Making Guide

    Alright man! Good job.
  5. Money Making Guide

    What does your internet connection have to do with the guide?
  6. Server Down

    Which discord? Invite me Xheva#8097
  7. Server Down

  8. Server Down

    Let's hope the target system has been fixed.
  9. What do we do next?

    You should really add a tl;dr.
  10. Money Making Guide

    Alright, so i've played OS-Scape in the past and. I joined again like one day after the reset, when the forums were still not working. Since all topics have been deleted, someone should make a money making guide for new players (Including me) in order to maximize efficiency and make it easier for new players to get into the game. Suggestions from my side: Saradomin Godwars: You can kill the minions, they a have like a 14% chance of dropping ~1k+ blood money, Although it's pretty hard if no one is tanking the boss and you have bad gear since people will most likely take the kills for themselves, but you should be able to gear up pretty quickly (You need about 5k blood money for Torso, Firecape, Dragon Defender) Battle Mages: This is one of the better money making methods for the newer players, you can gear up in Mystics and go to ::mb. Inside of the arena turn auto-retaliate ON because the Battle Mages will attack you and you can be sure you're attacking the right one. They drop items like: Mage's book, Seers Ring, Seers Ring (i), Infinity Robes and a bunch of other stuff which can be sold to Wares (NPC) in Edgeville. The only problem with this money making method is getting out without getting killed. You should go bank as soon as out have 3-4 items because if you're unskulled you will keep them even after you die. Be sure to bring a lot of Prayer/Super Restore Potions or Sanfew Serums. Protect on Magic and use Ice barrage to farm them. I hope this did help someone, if you have more suggestions (which im sure you have), post them below if possible. Good luck farming!
  11. Regarding Donation Refunds

    First the Bounty Hunter update, now this. I am really dissappointed and if this keeps going in the same manner it wont be fun playing this server anymore.
  12. Nice guide man, keep it up!