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  1. Haven't been able to log in

    Tele'd to thermonuclear devils and it's just stuck on the loading page I opened a new client and did the same on my alt, the same thing happened lmao Now when I try and log in from a new client I'm stuck on the loading page 8 hours as passed and still the same issue
  2. W1 closed a couple of weeks ago man, I don't think they're still doing xfers but I could be wrong
  3. Space Manipulation

    thankyou sir
  4. Few updates that are moronic.

    The hp bar bug is well known rn but it's a waiting game since it'll be fixed in the next update, just be patient fam
  5. Space Manipulation

    Created using Adobe Photoshop CS6 pm me if you'd like a copy without a watermark! 1080x1920 res
  6. Drawings and stuff

    ty mane c:
  7. oh ok

    i cri
  8. Some cool shit

    Going on holiday to Amsterdam next month, any one know anything cool to see? ty
  9. Name Change

    Would the account be wiped upon sale?
  10. Name Change

    Is a name change on the forums & ingame possible at all? thankyou
  11. Drawings and stuff

    six way 1tick switches would be more useful on here than drawing tbh fair play my dude lmfao
  12. Drawings and stuff

    Photoshop CS6, but I'd recommend Adobe Illustrator for hand drawings c:
  13. 10th Ely drop.

    papa bless your rng
  14. OS-Scape Weekend Events 21-07 / 23-07

    Signing up for the flower poker tourny ign: obtainer
  15. Drawings and stuff

    ty (: ty (: i think practice makes perfect, especially with drawing