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  1. World 2 Suggestions

    +1 to all these suggestions, especially the gambling bit
  2. Wilderness skull bug

    Okay so what's up with this wilderness skulling bug? I was doing some mid-level pking. In my inv I have an elder maul and my tort ammy. Because of this I'm not skulling so I bring an additional 10k BM to the wild so people will fight me. I fight this person, she attacks me yet during the fight I some how skull on her? Lost torture. Not too upset about the tort but c'mon that shouldn't happen..
  3. New Anti-rag Mechanic (Poll)

    Few questions. Would this be an ignore list separate to the current ignore list in game? There are some instances where I'll have someone on my ignore list for reasons completely separate to not wanting them to rag me Also, what if you're deep wildy pking, get tbed by a team and try to run down to the wilderness ditch and add all the players on the team to your ignore list. Does that make it so the other team members wouldn't be able to tag in?
  4. Suggestions for World 2

    Very nice suggestions. Definitely need some content to make the wild a bit more active again +1
  5. Another pet down!

    Very nice bud. That's a skills pet right?
  6. Not sure why, but for some reason whenever I try to login to my account "Qip" it takes a while & then gives me the message "connection timed out. please try a different world" Other accounts I can login to just fine
  7. Would you rather:

    Since I've quit OSRS a bit ago - going with the bloodmoney
  8. World 1 & 3 Follow-up Post

    +1 Thanks for the clarification
  9. This is the kinda shit I like, I need criticism so I know how to improve. So right now, nothing's really perfect on the site. Most of the content in my eyes is more or less a rough draft. I was considering using a site like fiverr and outsourcing some of the designs like the logo possibly some of the icons like the youtube, insta and twitter logo. I put the text over the logo because I thought it looked pretty good so thanks for your point of view. Do you know where to get the free photoshop license? And yeah most of the people who visit the site i'm assuming are gonna be girls so I'll make the design around what girls what to see. I don't want to make it too too girly themed though. Thanks mate, really appreciate the feedback
  10. Thanks mate, im back at it again today
  11. I appreciate it man; gonna keep working away at it & keep ya updated
  12. Hey Sorry I haven't been on the forums much. But for the past three days I've put in like 8 or so hours each day working on the website + things related to it. Here are a few pics so far: Oh and so from you'll be able to tell from the pictures anyway, I'll explain the company so far and the plan for it. The company's called "Smoothie-C" Right now it's me and my friend who's a dietitian working on it. It's going to have content that relates to smoothie recipes, advice, health blog posts, etc. It's also going to feature an E-Store that will have products that we buy wholesale and sell on our site for a profit (Currently talking with a few distributors for various products). The plan for the next month or two is to just build up the website and the content. We have created social media accounts but I don't plan on adding anything to them until we have a website that will attract users. Here ya go! Cover page -This is the first page users will visit when they enter in the website. You can't see it from the picture, but the cover page is actually an HD smoothie related video. The hope with this page/video is to really give our website users a feel for what the site is about. Clicking the "Get Started" button takes the user to the home page. Home Page - Home Page, pretty self explanatory. Most of these past days have been used to learn how to really use the tools the web host provides. The following few weeks, the top bar will be filled with many more pages. Our story - Who we are - Most companies have a good story behind them. Who they are, why they were created, how they can benefit you, etc. That's what this page is.. We let our customers know what we're all about and why they can trust us to help them reach their goal. Some of the information is a little fabricated but that's part of marketing - Sometimes you've gotta sell the story. After the "Who we are" portion, we added a testimonial page. We visited a popular facebook page related to smoothies and contacted a few people to get permission to use their testimonials on our website, with a little modification (with permission ofcourse) Our story - Contact us - So this is just a generic contact page. With any good website and company, there are going to be issues that arise during the lifetime of your company. A great company will always cater to its customers. Remember, the customer comes first. Whether they have issues with purchases or just want to ask a question - you should be there to help them out. This page contains our customer service email address as well as our social media accounts where they can follow and/or contact us. So yeah, that's it for now. The upcoming weeks our objectives are to fill the site with more content including recipes, a few blogs, a few smoothie videos, etc. Also me and my partner are brainstorming various ways of monetizing the site - whether it's through products, services or whatever else we happen to think of. If you guys want to stay updated on how the website goes just let me know Qip
  13. Google my friend, that's what I've been using a ton for this website lol