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  1. As someone who dh risks a lot, I'd like to see the Dharoks axe have a buff. The accuracy of the dharoks axe just isn't right and anyone who has risk fought on here knows this. Dh rarely hits at redbarred hp.
  2. Terrible idea with Bell god bless lmfao
  3. Make the armadyl hilt drop rate @ arma boss more rare, age should definitely not be anywhere below 100k.. you guys took it out of store and the price was at 80k for a while but it just went back down to 40-50 after a few weeks. Ags should be in the same price value as other items such as claws, arcane etc. Bring back pid.
  4. lel

  5. Was on account "Bye" going in 1040k bm vs 2x claws/153k bm/claws against "HUMMERI", i won the stake but i didn't have enough invy space so i didn't receive the items i won