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  1. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Congrats to the promoted.
  2. 2 rangers and magers spawn in a short time(Inferno)

    I've heard about this from many people but I'm not sure what causes it, I've never experienced this and I've done over 40 capes
  3. Ah-64 Apache Mini Vid 2

    Nice vid bro
  4. World 2 expantion.

    ::lumbpvp would be a sick idea, especially if the back part of the castle is non +1

    No support on removal of ::35s and adding ::chins Support of prayer position being swapped if wanted to, no harm in it being added No support on YouTube rank being able to yell every 30 seconds, too many people have the YouTuber rank, even people without a YouTube channel have this rank somehow, would just cause chaos and more unnecessary flame on yell Support on last one.
  6. Amazing work and THANK YOU for listening to player suggestions, keep it up please
  7. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Congratulations to the new helpers, hopefully I'll see you active ingame

    Support on this. Should be their hp instead of % like some clients
  9. Os-Scape Inferno Run and 1m bm giveaway!!!

    Lucky you tanked that first hit
  10. Infernal Cape with Blowpipe [FULL VIDEO | CAFE]

    Coming from someone who's on their 13th cape, this was actually a really good run, and a good time for no tbow

    Currently, if you spawn a preset that has items were scales or charges are involved (e.g. Ring of suffering or Serp helm) the charges/scales are lost. I can happily refund you your scales, I know the feeling of losing them :P, just pm me whenever you see me online, "impact XII"
  12. Suggestion

    Hunting black chins have been buffed, you receive more bm. Tele to ::35s run west or use regular max cape teleport. You can get box traps from supplies store. Other than that, this is initially the pvp world. Pvping should be the main source of income. dont really support this.
  13. ign: impact XII goodluck to everyone participating 😉
  14. ign: impact xii Good luck to everyone participating 🙃
  15. World 2 Suggestions

    as in you cant spec someone from 2-3 squares away like you can on 07, you'll be frozen before you reach them