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  1. Staff Update (9/8/17)

    Congrats to the promoted.
  2. 2 rangers and magers spawn in a short time(Inferno)

    I've heard about this from many people but I'm not sure what causes it, I've never experienced this and I've done over 40 capes
  3. What's your Username(s): impact XIIWhat clan are you in: Foreign-Forces
  4. Economy Changes [POLL]

    Maybe skotizo pet drop similar to raids Olmlet drop on 07? 1/25 pet drop rate after receiving a rare drop from skotizo (not keys)
  5. Ah-64 Apache Mini Vid 2

    Nice vid bro
  6. World 2 expantion.

    ::lumbpvp would be a sick idea, especially if the back part of the castle is non +1
  7. Economy Changes [POLL]

    +10000 support on all of them. - If sled is added to vote shop, will the players who already have it receive a different $250 donator item in exchange for the sled? - If a BH system is added, a option to toggle the interface would be highly recommended imo. - If BH shop is added, I think rune pouch should be in there. - Maybe add the Skotizo slayer helm to the key drop, slayer helms are highly wanted by non donators and this gives them a chance to get one.
  8. Quitting - Why & Giveaway

    1) You're telling him the issues and complaining on forums, AS HE'S FIXING THEM. You're just impatient. 2) I measure progress by after the server was a COMPLETE wreck before simplemind came (rarely any updates and players were never listened to by admins+) and now someone is actually putting in work attempting to make the server great again. 3) You never specify that just anyone could kick everyone in the clan chat, that is a problem and you're right it should be prioritized and fixed asap 5) "Pulling the plug on it altogether" would result in single teams being ragged 24/7, which is the reason it was implemented in the first place. I suggested reducing the timer from 180 seconds, or however much it is, to 30 seconds. Instead of getting rid of it completely or keeping it how it is. Because you're right, it is unfair to players who aren't rich enough to have or pk with a certain amount of risk. 7) I'm not specifically talking about this forums post in general, I'm talking about all the countless forums posts you've been making for the past week on suggestions/bug issues and just random server complaints. 7.1) The problems are being worked on, and you know they are and will be fixed soon. If you know they're being worked on but keep complaining about it then once again, you're just impatient. It would be different if Simplemind wasn't interacting with the players via forums and ingame to find problems with the game, but he's been doing a fine job at that imo. 7.2) Progress is progress, soon it will reach completion, you cant just expect the server to go from fully broken to perfect in two weeks, its impossible. Give it time. Patience is everything.
  9. Quitting - Why & Giveaway

    You have to understand what the developer is doing isn't easy work, he cant just snap his fingers and fix the whole server and every bug in one week, and we cant make him work 20 hours a day trying to fix it, that's inhumane. He's working on everything as much as he can. Making inferno was probably one of the best updates this server has ever had, and I can speak for others as well as myself on this when I say that it DEFINITELY encouraged people to play again. I'm genuinely confused how you cant see the progress this server is making, there have been 2 big updates since the new developer has come, before we would go nearly 1-2 months without a single update. To me, OSS "sinking" that does not seem like its the owner/developer's fault, if anything, it were those videos on youtube, not the lack of updates. You need to think about priorities. You seem to think that the ability to kick a general from cc is more important than, for example, getting rid of the eco cleaner items. MAJOR BUGS FIXES COME BEFORE THE MINOR BUGS FIXES. Once they're done, I'm sure that they will fix all the little things you have suggested. I never said I disagreed with any of your suggestions, I just said you have to remember its not easy work what they're doing. Once again, instead of just telling them to fix a system that other players agree with but you want changed just because it effects you negatively, give them a suggestion on how it could be fixed to please everyone, like I did in responding to you. I also had one of the longest suggestions lists, . As you can see some were implemented, some weren't. Just because you want something changed, doesn't mean the rest of the server agrees with you. They're suggestions, not demands. As for bugs, that's different. They all need to be fixed, but just be patient and they will.
  10. Inferno pet

    Pet after gambling 37 capes (also b2b pets)
  11. Quitting - Why & Giveaway

    You have to put into consideration all the countless hours they've been spending into fixing the MAIN bugs which are causing the most complaints by players, I don't see why you don't understand how much effort they're putting in now. Inferno is fully coded and 80% of the real bugs, not some random bug you listed like a Corporal rank being able to kick a General rank in clan chats, are fixed. You can't put so much dirt on the new owner/developer while they're trying to fix this game, you're acting like they broke it in the first place. They'll get around to fixing minor bugs eventually but for now just be patient and wait. Edit: Instead of just acting as if it's so easy to make a "smoother and better system" that would please everyone at the same time, why don't you give a suggestion on a system that should be created.
  12. Quitting - Why & Giveaway

    Just because you don't agree with certain game mechanics doesn't mean they're flawed

    No support on removal of ::35s and adding ::chins Support of prayer position being swapped if wanted to, no harm in it being added No support on YouTube rank being able to yell every 30 seconds, too many people have the YouTuber rank, even people without a YouTube channel have this rank somehow, would just cause chaos and more unnecessary flame on yell Support on last one.
  14. Amazing work and THANK YOU for listening to player suggestions, keep it up please
  15. Staff Update (8/30/17)

    Congratulations to the new helpers, hopefully I'll see you active ingame