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  1. No motivation. - Cold

    Peace out man hopefully see you around again

    Quality video good risks
  3. Remove post

    Why you want to delete it Bro?
  4. Regret wut buddy? You not good enough to comeback from that? Love you home boy
  5. Don't cry chicka, not everyone stares at there desktop all day chubby;)
  6. Quitting - Why & Giveaway

    Ign- smoked cx take care
  7. Has the blood key thing been patched? Pretty crazy how if you picked up the key you would dc! Hope it's been sorted:)
  8. UFC

    Floyd will do alright but I think he won't move as quick and be able to get a clinical punch on Connor as he can take a good punch. On the other hand Connor has got a good chance In this specially with his punching and long reach. So I'll say Connor to k0 Floyd in round 5!
  9. Tournaments on a regular basis

    Hey guys just wanted to say how good it was that we had a weekend full of events. Just wondering if this will be done on a regular basis? Like will there be anything this weekend or the weekend after. The dh tournament is a favourite alongside with h and seeks, And clan wars rights. Just wanted to make a post towards it to see if we can keep this going as it gets the community together.
  10. Tournaments on a regular basis

    Good to hear @Airo any events taking part tonight?
  11. Drawings and stuff

    Pretty damn cool!
  12. Reckless Multi Clan

    Lets get things moving then boys
  13. Before you decide to stake

    Good tips for new players
  14. Pet luck xD

    Jammy guy! Nah congrats dude
  15. Occult Necks

    Is abit annoying how people made money from them and were able to sell them to the shop imo
  16. This is fab! Can't wait to see this new update
  17. Team Jason Vs Team Red CLW Event

    Gutted I missed this! Looked great
  18. Small suggestion

    +1 dude good to see that people care about the game and want to help with suggestions.
  19. Reckless Multi Clan

    #tumourpk tehehehe
  20. OS-Scape Weekend Events 21-07 / 23-07

    Entering fp tournament for Sunday 23rd July- ign smoked cx
  21. World 2 DH Tournament - RESULTS

    Sorry to ruin everyone's chances here. Ign : smoked cx
  22. OS-Scape Weekend Events 21-07 / 23-07

    This should be good ign: smoked cx
  23. OS-Scape Weekend Events 30-06 / 02-07

    Can you do another event this weekend?:) i missed out and would be good to get community together and do it more frequently as I don't want to see this game die.