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  1. Economy Changes [POLL]

    They should be adding the Ale of the gods to this list @Airo
  2. Eco Cleaning: Items & Refunds

    ::bank refund plz
  3. DMM Style? May aswell just fight in the wilderness with that gear? Where are the 50+ sharks and extra ppots/restores and shit? Am I missing something? Just a quick edit. 5 super combats and 5 range pots but 5 brews. Yeah with 5 brews you only gonna need 1 or 2 of them pots. Whoever organised this has never played DMM in his life but trying to make a name for himself. GOOOOOOOOOFY
  4. Regarding Updates

    Good to keep updated, what a tragedy as you guys only just recovered from some sort of massive natural disaster that made OS-Scape not update for 6+ months and staff were either AFK or very shook and rude which is understandable they going through some hella shit huh. Lets all pray to jesus everything be ok
  5. So bad that I wanna see a max kill you've gotten on me then, nobody can show me. All call me a "planker" but can never show me a video of me dying to a focus or anything. Dumb dog wake up
  6. So this idiot doesn't understand that I'm not frozen forever, the clown goes to use the bank. I bolt him to dds for the kill. Claims it's photoshopped. I wish I screenshot when he message me in game saying it's photo shopped. Such a retard. (oh and just before someone says something I am using Windows 7 but I prefer XP. This just looks clean to me. I'm oldschool I guess) Some juicy loot, don't pipe again retard you died to a ragger. Next time learn when someone is unfrozen and get a tank helm. Might have saved your from the RNG DDS. I have never met someone to delusional in my life. Here take this for all the bullshit that runs out your mouth boy. Retarded Pretender.
  7. From Russia pipe down.

    Lmao! That was with him having an ely too! Nice kill ;D
  8. Stop complaining about the duel?!?!?

    I turned 20k into 270k =]
  9. Nothing wrong with the duel arena, the odds are 50/50. Stop your complaining.
  10. I honestly think the odds are fine, I don't see a problem with them
  11. Username :xMeth What's the go with no AGS, so claws are aloud? That's a bit rough fam
  12. prayer in edgepvp?