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  1. Ah-64 Apache Mini Vid 2

    Dope vid
  2. World 2 expantion.

    I can see alot of effort has been put into this, many great ideas that i would like to see implemented in the next update!
  3. Regarding Bans & Accounts

    If you're being ddosed nearly three times everyday and have a static IP, you should take that in consideration. But that's just my opinion. @Airo
  4. Regarding Bans & Accounts

    Regarding paid names, i paid 250k for the name "Mage" and get ddosed on a daily basis. Will the people that have paid for names get to pick a new one? @Airo
  5. Staff Update (7/22/17)

    Congrats to the people who deserve it - Lum, missashley and Steroids. I'm sad that i didn't get promoted, but oh well. Better luck next time
  6. I Put 🔥Under Your Feet

    Dope as always.
  7. OS-Scape Weekend Events 21-07 / 23-07

    Finally some events! IGN: CANDID16321 Looking forward to this.
  8. World 2 DH Tournament - RESULTS

    IGN: CANDID16321 Let's put my skills to the test.
  9. [Os-Scape] Pk Vid #3 l Risking l Dhing l - NellySavy

    Great video man, keep it up.
  10. Theo cc VS Tumourpk

    Sliced them!
  11. OSRS Pk Video Deep Wildy

    Nice vid, definitely enjoyed it
  12. Donator rank.

    - In-game Name : CANDID16321 - Proof of rank [Picture] :
  13. Donator rank.

    - In-game Name : CANDID16321 - Proof of rank [Picture] :
  14. Money

    Very nice pics man
  15. "Gyl" being salty --- funny