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  1. World 2 Suggestions

    Love them all honestly, only thing I don't fully want to see changed it skotizo as I feel like having a boss that spawns in the wild is healthy for wilderness life, maybe they could buff the drops at skotizo or atleast make it possible to see the droplist of skotizo since it's so random. Also what is the "Fix the fact you can't spec or hit someone with melee unless you're literally standing right next to them." Not sure I fully understand this one. Other than these two I seriously think these are all great ideas and hope the staff seriously considers them.
  2. Runecrafting Pet on World 2

    Picture of it: I have a suggestion to implement the ability to use runes on the runecrafting pet in order to change it's color into the color of the rune used on it, or even allow admins to change the color of it for you. I believe this should be implemented because the only way to receive this pet is through a pet box which is not cheap (around 1m to buy) so it's not just some pet that everyone has. Hoping to get a response about this atleast, thanks!