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  1. What's your in-game username? : Kimiko What's clan/team are you in? : Gundrilla Were you in the previous DMM tournament? : Yes What's your discord tag? x86_64#8027
  2. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

    there sure will be more tourneys like this with FFA 16 ppl or something
  3. DMM Tournament [Video] & Winners!

  4. Signing up for friend cuz he can't login to forums.. Username: SJUKIHUVUDET Clan: Gundrilla
  5. What's your Username(s)? Kimiko What clan are you in? Gundrilla
  6. Economy Changes [POLL]

    meant to say obtained from shop
  7. Economy Changes [POLL]

    Should probably take items that are obtained away from the blood keys to increase the worth/rarity of the keys
  8. Picking up blood keys will result in a kick off the game and you being killed as it does not log your character out. Small team abusing it and smiting people who pick it up. Careful xx
  9. Ancient mace.

    Check the shops before u make a topic silly.
  10. Reposted because some n*gger felt the need to spam the whole forum and nobody would be able to find this. Np xxxx
  11. Infernal Cape with Blowpipe [FULL VIDEO | CAFE]

    embedded video
  12. Infernal Cape with Blowpipe [FULL VIDEO | CAFE]

    Did one with Tbow aswell
  13. Infernal Cape with Blowpipe [FULL VIDEO | CAFE]

    Did one with Tbow aswell