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  1. Quick giveaway for 3a full helm

    my name is "walkback" and my forums account doesn't work to log-in, only to log-in the store for some reason. But yeah man, thanks for giving back to the community, we need more helpful, giving back, warm hearted guys around this community! Thanks, Goodluck everyone
  2. How to Fix Osscape

    with the current un-helpful inactive staff team, none being promoted, lack of ambition of the guys who actually run it, fix bugs, updates, listen to their community and actually start putting effort in on being on-time even with stuff, not to mention the server is even OFFLINE now.... Showing us that we matter, as well as our ideas for new content and make it happen, & MOST IMPORTANTLY, refund the people who already paid for items that they basically are screwing over, since it's "glitched" when if you have money to send them right now, it won't be glitched? lmao they need to spawn me and everyone else they owe items, as compensation asap before they all chargeback and quit. The list continues, as me and others posted a thread explaining, & that most of the entire community speaks of in-game, but the refunds and staff team, even the devs and higher up staff who put no effort in this game are KILLING IT FASTER then the ruined bounty-hunter system and dead wild. server has great potential, but the ones who operate it and such, are killing it faster then ANYTHING with such decisions made and lack of effort, being it's on life support, and were about to have to pull the plug. I pray they realize this and show that they care about this server they created and us, the community, who keeps it going, before it's better yet.. to late. That's the last thing i want, nor a lot of us want, but that's just coming to realization. I'm certainly no extremist, I'm only a realist. I did like your ideas though! Thank you!
  3. What do we do next?

    This is to the point, I feel , as i can speak on behalf of most of the server, that we are getting out of options. At this point if you can't log-in and spawn everyones items that you owe, then There is no point to stay here. The fact we are being punished to even speak of it now also? You can say "it's not fair to who donates now" as we will get better items and or more for the money we paid for, Which we SHOULD for COMPENSATION by this point, being we have been ignored and bsed for so long and are forced to be in this situation AFTER paying for items, then have a eco reset right after we purchased items, and now are forced to donate for this and you still can't even deliver what we bought. For the people who purchase items now, they get there stuff right away so i think they won't be upset, it's a excuse. Clearly, fulfilling the community's wishes, and Giving them what you owe them, for the money they SENT to you is what your goal should be, as us the community, are what makes a game thrive, ONLY people with money in there pocket ready to send more money to you, are your concern, and there donar points aren't glitched, but some reason ONLY the people you owe, have glitched donar points still? The entire server is speaking of this, even on ::yell and my brother replied to someone about it, and a mod muted him(still muted) , "badder." As now if we are being PUNISHED for speaking about the issue of you not giving the items people PURCHASED, then this clarify s your intentions. You guys are out of ideas, and ways to bring the server back to life, and I think it's time to probably close it if you continue at this speed. There is no effort put into this game anymore. So many things are going wrong, and still continue to go wrong, and aren't being fixed. I said from the start, I wouldn't be apart of all the people charging back for fraudulent claims, but now i double think that statement, as when a bunch of people do that, it will be pursued on the owner, or person that has multiple frauds claims pending against them, thus, shutting this server down for fraud. For some who didn't purchase items and aren't owed money will say, it's "donating." It has to be called donating or else it's illegal, it's still called a item STORE and you still PURCHASE items from it. I don't care if it's for porn, or for something illegal on the dark web via bitcoins, or even a private server to a game, If you purchase something from anyone, and they don't return the service with what you bought, it will destroy whatever business or whatever the vendor has operating, and possibly pursue legal action for fraud over it. You have no reason to not make effort to promote/demote a staff team, put effort in fixing all the issues in game. or the fact that you basically at the time of reset, hired anyone that says there a developer, that even stole the servers files and held for ransom, now having peoples routers fried, peoples irl stuff being thrown around on the internet, harassing your community. Even little things like restarting the server a day before the timer was out not telling the community, who was preparing for the final hour pking to go all out and have fun was a poor decision. Then the forums didn't even go up until many days after the reset, when they were suppose to right away. The refunds were suppose to be given when the forums were up, and many days of them coming up late, they are here, and like usual we are told another excuse that it's still glitched for only refunds, not the people who can spend money on the server now? If they do not promote/demote a proper active/helpful staff team, start showing the community they care and we matter, get there ass in the game, and contact each person they owe to figure which items to spawn for the amount they spent. & start actually keeping up with the game they created for us, perusing any issues, and glitches that still remain, and come up all the time, then I will be saying my goodbyes, I will be contacting pay pal to get my money back as many have already, or about to do. This is something that so many of us feel, and will be leaving if this isn't changed immediately, not just me. If you can't do such simple things for the server YOU created, then you shouldn't continue to have this server online anyways. How can the owners really think this is okay to put off all the issues including messing with people who sent you their money, people as in the community, the people that make this entire project keep going, and still not put any effort and time into this, and leave people owed money for so long and find it okay. I would think you would expect issues like this to happen for lack of ownership and effort put into this game, and know that it can not run with success and a happy community to not address and fix this stuff. Yet it seems that the staff and such act confused why people are upset over being fucked out of the money they spent for so long, and now mute others in game? There is even other post, if you scroll down, to see others feel in such ways, my favorite, being he went through in depth detail of why he felt certain ways, with GREAT EXPLAINING OF THE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS HE HAS, is "Itbandkillu." To close this long rant of the main problems putting this server on life support, I will say, I believe this server has tons of potential, and it may or may not be to late to revamp this server and the community, but if you don't rush to put all the effort you can in this, right now, immediately change the lack of effort you have have shown, then it will be to late and will never be restored. I pray they don't give up, and throw in the towel now as i want success out of this, But it's gotten so far out of hand, so there pushing the limits of the community. Thank you guys, have a great day. Leave your thoughts, whether you agree or down right think i'm a extremist or wrong.
  4. Your Server; My Final Thread.

    I agree with you on a lot of such things, but feel you missed some things that hurt the server that 99% of us are leaving and complaining over. Such as in-active, un-helpful staff team, that they still are refusing to expand, and demote the people that do not need such positions. Also, neglecting there community, who makes this whole thing operate, puts income in there pockets, by, us purchasing items and then have the reset thrown on top of us, as happened to me being i donated 100$ the day before announcement, and a shit ton of others, and tell us they can't spawn us our stuff, nor can give us donar points because it is glitched, but we will when the forums are up right away. Yet, they still take many more payments, giving there donar points, and the forums took almost a week longer to go back up, and here we are days later being ignored not knowing about our refunds, as he says it is still "glitched" for ONLY us, the people he owes, not the people that still have money in their pocket to spend. This is what's hurting this server and the business aspect of it, to what makes this server run, from charge-backs, many fraudulent claims upon then, which if the same person has many pursued at the same time, real life fraud will be after them next, thus shutting the server down, and the entire community telling others to not send them money from it. How they run this server is getting out of hand, and us the community feel we don't have any value to them as we should. Now, it's been lord knows how long for us to even know something, being ignored and dis-respected by them, and we don't know anything on our refunds, and he says it would be i quote, "unfair to the ones who donate now" if he spawns us items, as we get possibly better choice of items to receive for our payment, and or more then others would get for the money spent. Which by this point, we SHOULD as COMPENSATION from being FORCED to pay for stuff in the manner we have done. Also, for having to deal with this issue waiting so long, and being forced to purchasing items on a server that some who they owe maybe quit from the reset which they clearly won't even mention refunding the right way if we were to want as in via paypal, or others who purchased items that now don't wish to if they knew we were/is having a economy reset, being it's ENTIRELY DIFFERENT game almost, from the economy is 100% changed, almost to a new game, and prices of items are easier/harder to get, and change in price every single day, from expensive to cheap, vise versa. So YES, I don't understand how spawning us items, better or not, more then the money we spent or not, would upset the people who donate now that obtain the items they purchase in seconds, not going through a small percentage we currently are. The staff, and owners who control and operate this server affect the player base the most imo. Nobody wants to play a server they feel almost neglected on and don't matter, as people act in anyway they want with responses, "it's not like there is any staff on ever, to stop me." Or, for the new players, and any other player in general that needs advice and or help on simply playing the game. You are lucky to see 1 online at once, and most won't even respond to you. They need promotions and demotions asap, and a little bit more seriousness and care for us, the community, to fix this problem before it is to late. We have SO much potential. That is all for my rant. Thank you for your time to go through everything with real valid points on why you feel certain ways in your post, and posting real issues, and in depth detail.
  5. Os-scape as we know it.

    i agree with that now, as you have been saying in your previous comments to basically make new players be given advantages, such as gear or buffs so they can kill people in better and or max gear way easier man. That should never be done, that defeats the point of the game. A new player has to build there account and gear up as they play, and nothing should be just handed, and or "buffs" of any type to kill someone in way better gear easilly. As you were saying in previous post's... but yeah man, have a nice day
  6. Os-scape as we know it.

    Look, just because you couldn't pk well and get kills upon starting doesn't mean everybody is not good at pking in welfare gear. I understand you wanting to instantly become rich with the best gear, but that's not how this game works. You start from the bottom, you have to use gear that is utter shit, maybe die a good bit of times before you pk someone that can improve your wealth, and or go grind for some blood money to purchase better gear. I don't understand how you want to give buffs and so much stuff to people who just start, when what would the point be in this server having any economy base side to it at all? Of-coarse someone in a max set of bandos, ags etc is going to destroy you in rune, just starting with sharks as food. If you get really lucky you may kill them, as it is slim to none. LIKE IT SHOULD BE, you need to work your way up, until you can get better gear before you fight people in a maxed out set of armor, unless you want to deal with a high chance of dying many times to push your luck and possibly kill them. MOST of the edgeville wild pkers are in dharok sets anyways, which is just a standard pk set, and do you realize how many people in full rune kill the guys in dharok? Shit, I even die time to time by people who just started using the standard spawn set of rune. & for the guys who just start, if they don't want to grind, pvm and such for blood money to improve there gear, & wish to start by pking, they can easilly kill dharokers to slowly improve there wealth, or to immediatly change into a dharok set to pk with. I'm not trying to jump on you about all you said, but they should NEVER boost, or give basically amazing gear, and or make the odds of improving to fantastic armor and weapons/killing people in max armor any higher then they are now. This is the point of the game, you start with nothing and build your way up. I'm sorry you have never been able to kill someone in rune armor, as i watch people in dharoks die to constantly, but that doesn't mean everyone sucks at pking buddy.

    Well they have to call it "donating" as it's the only way to make this legal, it is illegal to not. As i and everyone else, still yet, purchased items from the "STORE." it's not called "tips" or "rewards," It is called "store" which means where you buy things buddy. we just want things made right as it doesn't affect him to return the money we sent to him, as it will if he doesn't, since all the money whether he spent or not, will be charged back to him by basically everyone, and it's already causing people to talk about this, being regulars/new people are saying they wont donate and put there money at risk when he hasn't even taken 5minutes of his time to log-in and spawn all he owes to us... We should get spawned items and or extra stuff, and people would understand who donate now(being they don't get extra or better selection of items) since they would never want to wait weeks or month after paying for items in the store, and get ignored, and not get the items they purchased , for so damn long, plus the game reset, so its basically a entirely different game/economy, which people have quit cuz they didn't like the reset, which screwed there items they bought, cuz hes refusing to send legit refunds via paypal as he should. and even if you didn't quit, some of us possibly didn't wanna donate for a reset eco with items being easier to obtain, and or change prices everyday which makes donating dumb currently imo. so we should get better selection etc, as compensation for dealing with this mess, as they don't care to do so.

    legally? lol legally we all can, as many are and most of the people probably, are charging back/disputing and contacting paypal for fraudulent charges man. As it's a free win for the person doing it, and server auto loses... as they don't really look into, nor agree with virtual goods so it's always the person who is charging back wins, and can be pushed further if they have multiple or bunch of people disputing for fraud, on the SAME person which will result in possible even criminal charges on a person believe it or not. No, I'm not nor is anyone else "grateful" that he is even considering to refund us, as i bought items that i techincally haven't got yet as many others and i want my stuff, as i don't care to dispute for fraud like alot of others are wanting/doing , so I will wait a little longer but I can't to much, it's been long enough. As for your statement, you feel people "took advantage" of the system by donating after the announcement blah blah blah, that's the least of concerns right now. I donated before it aswell but either way, Who cares if someone donated right before the reset actually happened to get items, to get again after the reset. Do you realize all the items on the donar store, and best items in game, were dropped for days in a row all day long, 1000s of them at the ge 24/7, so I don't think anyones concern is to investigate if anyone purposely donated to get the items to use before the reset as a bonus, as we all basically got the best stuff in the game to temporary use either way. Are you saying they shouldn't be refunded like we are, for getting to use extra items for 3 days in the meantime of the reset about to happen? lol, like i said, even staff dropped all the best,wanted items in the game all day long anyways bro. Think of it that way. Let's just focus on the main issue as i don't want this server having legal trouble, from many people disputing for fraud and causing the company to look into this server owner and end result, it gets shut down bro. So I am still holding back to join the crowd of doing that, I just want it handled, and i want the owners to show they care about this, and us, there community for once. As they never have or do, and to make effort to solve this problem that they could do in such a short period of time. There is no active staff, you are lucky to see 1 single staff member logged in game now. You are lucky to even get useful advice and or help if you need it, from that 1 staff member if you so happen are lucky enough to see whoever it is at the time. As even on discord, or if there is admins online in game, which is literally a .001% chance, it seems they don't care, and get almost mad or annoyed with us if we try to ask for help or speak with them. SO many issues that are making this problem for all of the people like us who are owed money, to make this problem more difficult to be patient/respectful with, after over a week of waiting. Plus the players in game are getting tired of it, as well as the many new players that are already leaving from it, that joined from YouTube advertisements and stuff, and bam they are already losing potential great player base they could and continue to gain..

    YOU may feel that way, but it doesn't matter if you are bothered or not by not getting your refund as so many others are/will be either way including myself who donated 100$ like 1-2 days BEFORE the announcement was made, they knew they were about to fuck the economy and drop 1000's of best items around the game, making the 100$ i spent purchasing server wealth and items from the shop was wasted and they didn't even have it in them to warn us and or me donating right before telling us as they clearly just cared for our money. We agreed to NOT chargebacked in the TOS your right dude, but do you really fucking think that means we can get screwed over out of the items we purchased , sending this server money, but can't chargeback and or pursue fraudulent charges onto them because of that? I believe the contract we agreed to ONLY means anything if you get what you paid for , in the circumstance we agreed to. I DID NOT BUY ITEMS to the server being reset within the same week, NOR DID I NOT donate to this reset economy, as you may not understand what I am about to say. But, I donated to the server having a standard, stable eco that everything had set prices for a long time to. I DID NOT donate to a reset economy of items that maybe 300k one day, and 50-100k the next day & vice versa, the items being worth 100k, and 600k the next week. As it could even help my wealth out or totally be the opposite making what i paid for worthless , but EITHER WAY i bought the items to the servers condition, whether you think the reset would benefit buying items with real life $ or not, I STILL didn't donate to have the items disappear, and waited a month for our refunds after fighting and arguing for them week after week, to then be given the items IN A BASICALLY COMPLETELY NEW AND DIFFERENT GAME, as now everything has changed, the items price changes 100x different by day or week and it is far from stable, and won't be a extremely long time. So in no circumstance did i send my money to the owners, purchasing items for this. I wanted and sent my money to purchase in game wealth/items for THAT GAME AND ECONOMY man, As he SHOULD OFFER to SEND OUR MONEY BACK IN FULL VIA PAYPAL (cash) FIRST to all the people who basically purchased items for nothing so sent him free money pretty much. As the admins/airo are basically saying, look you are only getting donar credits, idc if you are unhappy and sent your money pre reset recently and even if you don't wish to play this server because of the reset, your fucked out of you cash cuz you wont get a LEGIT refund for your wasted hard worked real life money. Plus you will have to wait weeks and weeks for your refund of the money you wasted sending to us that we screwed you guys over for, when they can legit log - in, and spawn our items for us in seconds literally. Airo said "that's not fair for us to spawn you items as the donar shop changed and you may get a better deal/items then the people who donate now." NO SHIT WE WOULD, AS WE SHOULD, being the people doanting now, are able to get there donar points in SECONDS of donating and be on there way with the in-game items... AS for us, we sent our money and got fucked over, and are waiting week after week STILL NOT getting what we PAID FOR. AND when we do, it's a completely NEW/DIFFERENT economy and basically new game??? WE SHOULD ALL who wasted money, and are owed a refund, GET BETTER AND OR MORE donar points/items given to us as compensation for this insanely fucked up situation we didn't ask to be put in losing our real life money man. It's so fucked up for all of this to happen to us, and if we even do get refunded by airo, he expects to do the very least for us, and not give us any compensation like better items, extra stuff/points for this bullshit we got forced into? this is so fucked up, as the people donating now would understand, since he said they would all be upset for who donated now, A. they wouldn't even most likely know to begin with. B. they get there shit in seconds of sending payment. C. we have waited weeks of being ignored and shit AFTER sending payment unlike them. So that would only make sense for compensation of this bs. I truly hope he handles this now, and correctly, as he said "when the forums are back you will get your refunds immediatly as we will make a post for it.) & the forums have been up for a while now without a posting of this issue even... This COULD and SHOULD have been handled on the day of the eco reset, as he should have logged in the game and spawned us shit for our money man, as we didn't agree to buy items in game, to a server resetting, disapearing our items right after, then get the stuff in a completely new server/economy that could make the items worth something one day, and worthless the next. As many player shave quit over this, and they didn't offer to send payment back? I REALLY HOPE HE FIXES THIS THE CORRECT WAY GUYS.

    cmon man, we sent so many messages,anyone you owe, and you just have said 1 thing and ignored most of what i've said, i messaging you on discord now..

    Trust me man, I've been in the same boat as my brother, and he's even tried telling airo there weill be fraudulent charges on him if he can't take 5 seconds to log-in and spawn peoples stuff. People who donate right now, get credits just fine, but not the people who donated so much recently, still waiting? I think for whoever still doesn't charge back - when he pays us, it should be a better choice of items and or more credits given. As he said "that's not fair?" well guess what, it's not fair we are sending you our money, waiting for weeks to get what the fuck we paid for, while others can donate now receiving in seconds, so yea i think for damn compensation it's only fair to reward us for having to deal with this. Some can say "its a donation," Okay, you go buy a item in the store for 100$, that you expect to have, play with, have fun with, and then you couldn't for weeks? It's getting out of hand.