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  1. "::topic" Command, doesn't work

    There is still no Bug Report about it, by doing one the Higher Tier Staffs will see this.
  2. Imbued heart

    I agree on having the Item but the Price is going to be much higher I think :P, maybe a Drop addition to Skotizo?
  3. Back in the days when you used to type ::topic (topic Number), it instantly got you to the Post but since the New Forum it keeps saying "File not Found". I know there are more Important Updates, just wanted to mention this one.
  4. wont let me login

    Create a new Account and login into it, then Post the Name here so Staffs can compare the IP's to check if it's your Account for real, don't worry they will get it back easily.
  5. Official Price Guide (W2 PvP)

    ---Official Price Guide (W2 PvP)--- Last Update: 22.06.2017 (If the Price Guide helped you, feel free to Comment or give it a Like ) The Price Guide will be Updated DAILY Ctrl+F and Type in the Name of the Item to Direct Search Donation! Donation = BM/$1 - 18-25K $5000+ $2500+ $1000+ $500+ $250+ $100+ $5+ Player Killing Armadyl Godsword - 60-80K Street Bandos Godsword - 15-20K Street Saradomin Godsword - 15-20K Street Zamorak Godsword - 15-20K Street Armadyl Set - 30-45K Street Bandos Set - 30-35K Street Bandos Tassets - 15-20K Street. Bandos Chestplate - 10-15K Street. Armadyl Crossbow - 18-25K Street Abyssal Tentacle - 3-3.5K Street- Abyssal Whip - 600 BM Street- Abyssal Dagger - 30-40K Street DragonFire Shield - 10K Street Primordial Boots - 7-10K Street Pegasian Boots - 7-10K Street Eternal Boots - 7-10K Street Staff of the Dead - 10-15 Street Magma/Tanzanite/Serpentine Helms - 15-20KStreet Blowpipe - 10-15K Street Magic Fang - 5K Street Malediction/Odium Wards - 10-15K Street Toxic Staff of the Dead - 10-15K Street Trident of the Swamp - 5K Street Trident of the Seas - 2-3K Street Zamorakian Spear - 30K Street Zamorakian Hasta - 25K Street Heavy Ballista - 200-250K Street Dark Bow - 650BM Street Granite Maul - 800BM Street Crystal Seed - 2.5K Street Crystal Bow - 10K Street Crystal Halberd - 5.5K Street Crystal Shield - 3.5K Street Anglerfish - 40-60BM Street Barrows Armors Dharok's Set: 2K Store | 1.7-1.8K Street Ahrim's Set: 2.5K Store | 2K Street Torag's Set: 2K Store | 1.5K Street Karil's Set: 2.25K Store | 2K Street Guthan's Set - 2K Store | 1.5K Street Verac's Set - 2K Store | 1.5K Street Cosmetics Purple Partyhat - 50K Store | 45K Street White Partyhat - 70K Store | 50-60K Street Green Partyhat - 75K Store | 50-60K Street Red Partyhat - 80K Store | 60-70K Street Yellow Partyhat - 90K Store | 70-80K Street Blue Partyhat: 100K Store | 80-90K Street Rainbow Partyhat - 120K Store | 100-110K Street Partyhat & Specs - 120K Store | 100-110K Street Black Partyhat - 120K Store | 100-110K Street Green Halloween Mask - 40K Store | 30K Street Blue Halloween Mask - 40K Store | 30K Street Red Halloween Mask - 40K Store | 30K Street Black Halloween Mask - 45K Store | 40K Street Santa Hat - 40K Store | 35K Street Black Santa Hat - 40K Store | 35k streetK Street Inverted Santa Hat - 40K Store | 35K Street Dragon Scimitar (OR) - 250-300K Ankou Set - 800-900K Street Mummy's Outfit/Set - 1-1.3M Street Elder Chaos Robe Set - 5-10K Street Bucket Helm - 40K Street Bucket Helm (G) - 80-100K Street Bowl Wig - 5-10K Lesser Demon Mask - 30-50K Greater Demon Mask - 30-50K Black Demon Mask - 30-50K Jungle Demon Mask - 30-50K Old Demon Mask - 30-50K Team Cape I, X, Zero - 1-1.2M Street Obsidian cape (r) - 500K Street Gilded Scimitar - 300-400K Street Bloody / Bloodier Key(s) Easy - 10-20K Medium - 25-30K Hard - 35-45K Elite - 50-60K Master - 65-80K Spirit Shields Spirit Shield - 1K Street Blessed spirit shield - 1-3K Street Spectral spirit shield - 20-25K Street Arcane spirit shield - 250-280K Street Elysian Spirit shield - 3-3.2M Street Raid Items Twisted Bow - 800K-1M Street Dinh's Bulwark - 400-500K Street Elder Maul - 800K-1M Street Ancestral Set - 2-2.5M Street Ancestral Top - 750-850K Street Ancestral Bottom - 750-850K Street Ancestral Hat - 300-450K Street Kodai Wand - 200-300K Street Prayer Scroll - 650-800K Street Dragon Thrownaxe - 100-150K Street 3rd Age 3rd age Melee Set - 3-4.5M Street Helmet - 100-200K Street Platebody - 1.5M-2M Street Platelegs - 1.5M-2M Street Kiteshield - 80-150K Street 3rd age Mage Set - 1.5-2M Street Hat - 200K-230K Street Top - 600K-700K Street Bottom 600K-700K Street 3rd age Range Set - 150-200K Street Coif - 20K Street Vamb - 20K Street Chest - 60-75K Street Legs - 60-75K Street 3rd age Longsword - 2-3M Street 3rd age Bow - 300-500K Street 3rd age Wand - 230-300K Street 3rd age Cloak - 2-3M Street 3rd age Amulet - 80-150K Street Reward Items Dragon Javelins - 30-40BM Street Pet Box - 400-500K Street Dragon Claws - 325-400K Street Mystery Box - 7-10K Street Vote Tickets - 600-1K Street Dragon Warhammer - 20-45K Street Rune Pouch - 40-55K Street 3rd Age Mystery Box - 350K Street Dice Bag - 900-1.2M Street Mithril Seeds - 300-500BM Street Skotizo Keys - 20-40K Street Jewelry Berserkers Ring (i) - 6.5K Street Archers Ring (i) - 6K Street Seers Ring (i) - 3.5K Street Warriors Ring (i) -1.2K Street Amulet of Fury -3K Street Occult Necklace - 2.5K Street Ring of Suffering - 30K Street Amulet of the Damned - 10-20K Street Tormented Bracelet - 20-30K Street Amulet of Torture - 300-350K Street Necklace of Anguish - 60-80K Street Untradeables Elite Void set - 13.5K Store | 10K Street Fighter Torso - 2K Store | 1,5K Street Fighter Hat - 1K Store | 700BM Street Fire Cape - 3K Store | 1-2.5K Street Dragon Defender - 800MB Store | 700BM Street Please PM me on forums or in-game if you wish to have something added and/or changed.
  6. Error connecting to server

    What is the Name of the Account or doesn't it work for any Account even if you create a new one?
  7. Something very different (FT. HYPOCRITE SLAPPED)

    Really fast switches/clicks.. mad respect. And that Music is so sick
  8. wont let me login

    The Staff Team will help you soon, give them more Informations please such as: Account Name, when were you logged in last time etc...
  9. help

    I'd suggest you to give the Staff Team more Informations about your Issue such as: Name of the Forums Acc? When were you last time on it? Was it before the new Forum or after? What kind of message does it give you when you try to login etc..
  10. OS-Scape Editing :)

    That's one of my Favourite Videos so far. Editing Skills on Point, you should join "Gabi's" Video Editing Giveaway at the Event Section!
  11. New Shop World 2 (PVP)

    Hey Guys, I wanted to Suggest a New Shop on World 2 (PvP). I know it's a PK based Server but since the release of all the Skilling Pets People grind Skilling alot to receive those. I'd suggest a Shop which contains Items such as "Axes/Pickaxes", then maybe a "Necklace of Skilling" which teleports you to Skilling Locations (Trees, Fishing Spots, Agility Courses etc.), bait for Fishing and alot of other useful Skilling Stuff. I know there are Shops where you can get most of them (Axes/Pickaxes/Bait) but I'd love to have it all at one Location. What do you guys think of this Idea?
  12. Motive - Farewell.

    Damn sad to hear, hope you'll do good IRL. I remember having alot of fun with you Alex back in the days. Have a good one mate and thanks for everything!
  13. Rolled back???

    Sad to hear fam.
  14. Thoughts on the new forums?

    I absolutely love it, way more professional.
  15. NH PKER #7

    Nice Video mate, finally one which is a bit longer. Also nice chill Music.