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  1. Occult necklaces

    @Bart I'm gonna ***king keep saying this and making this thread please add back occults in the npc store so players can sell them back for 1k. Cmon like old times there was no need to removed it please, thank you.
  2. Fvcking add back Occults!

    Ok I'm gonna keep posting this, server is dying due to many reasons but please please please fucking bring back occults into the npc store, why remove that specific item?, lmfao seer ring suck as, please add back occults,or completely remove them from the game so angry. @Bart
  3. Before you decide to stake

    Thanks for the intelligent , insightful, thoughtful , helpful , wonderful tip my friend @Breakcraft
  4. Actually? > players at mb.
  5. Actually? Yeah , I've been riding my ahhs off at mage bank for 2 hours straight and looted, 2 seer rings drop and lots of infinity boots , nerf drop rate to 1/15 please? I wonder why many left mage bank. Ty cx.
  6. Occult necklaces

    What happened to occult necklaces!, before they were valued in the npc miscellaneous store 2- 4k blood money , now they don't sell in there. Please add back occult necklaces to miscellaneous store 2 , as i don't see why not , the neck damage has good effect so please add it back thank you! Cx
  7. cx , Administration team doing anexcellent job atm.