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  1. Unusual money making.

    All garbage methods not worth doing
  2. Mori Jr humiliated.

    business as usual my king. #hurrscape #hurr-effect...
  3. is the bloodkey rework going to happen?
  4. Dragon Claws accuracy..

    accuracy is fine iv pked with them for ages, you have to remember every1 is 99def on here also
  5. BUGS MEGA LIST (will keep updated post your bugs here)

    coloured serps still +5 str
  6. Streaming inferno

    wat da fk
  7. DAN12 and dolls for 1m+

    wow... hurr-effect..
  8. torture (or)

    if you die with ags + tort(or) you will keep ags and your opponent gets the amulet of torture and the torture ornament kit as drop edit: whereas if you have a regular amulet of torture + ags and you die you keep the amulet of torture and opponent gets ags
  9. torture (or)

    Regular amulet of torture protects over ags torture with the ornament kit attached does not ???????????????????????????????????????????
  10. Password changed and items possibly missing

    some fuckin corrupt ass mods pullin strings here this is why players leave

    sad probably pulled out his router and claimed ddos (even if he didnt dc though he would have lost the ely???) or a mod just took his word for it cos hes friends with mods either way the kill is legit if u dont get the ely returned thats fkn bullshit
  12. Ballista nerfed?

    lmfao man wrote a wall of text ^ it matches 07 now nothing more to it, this is how it should be.
  13. World 2 Suggestions

    This comes with pid im pretty sure